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Brockenhurst College Case Study

Integrating technology to accelerate learning

Michael Snell, Principal, Brockenhurst College

The New Forest is well known for its quintessential English countryside, its beautiful walks and its ancient way of life with traditions that stretch back to its creator, William of Normandy.

But it is not just the picturesque countryside and local traditions for which the area is famous. Brockenhurst College, set in the heart of the area, has won national recognition in relation to something very much related to the first decade of the 21st century - its innovative use of technology and 
                                            systems integration.

With Ofsted recently ranking Brockenhurst as one of the top ten colleges nationwide and the best in the South, and AoC highly commending its Leadership and Learning in the 2004 AoC Beacon Awards, the college is clearly well on its way to delivering its core vision of being the best college in the sector and helping people make the most of their lives through learning. 

Key to delivering this vision has been the integration of the college academic and administrative systems. RM, experts in systems integration, were employed to assist in this transition. By providing a fully integrated system, staff now have the information they need, when they need it and where they need it, in order to do an even better job of supporting learners and delivering the college vision.

Indeed, technology now facilitates much of the value-added support that Brockenhurst is renowned for offering - from individual student support, personalisation, and access to resources, right through to enabling more efficient business processes, student tracking and reporting

To learn more about how RM and Brockenhurst College are implementing technology to accelerate learning, please download the full case study.

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