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CC4 fifteen months on!

Chalfont St. Peter C of E School: CC4 fifteen months on...

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As early adopters, Chalfont St. Peter School have been using Community Connect 4 for 15 months! Read on to find out about their success…

CC4 installed in June 2008

Steve Podbury is in charge of ICT at the school."We installed CC4 in June 2008 and teaching even continued during that time. It was done within a week!" With 350 pupils at this Buckinghamshire school, Steve needs a network he can rely on. "CC4 is so easy to manage, and our teaching staff have found it really reliable. It just works."

Training and support

Steve has also been extremely pleased with the CC4 training and support from RM. "Having the support teams to hand is a real luxury. The Fast Track CC4 training was great too, and it enabled me to get the new network up and running incredibly quickly."

Steve is a big fan of a number of features within Community Connect 4, in particular the Application Overview and the PC Matrix, helping him to monitor and maintain PCs, and to auto upload applications without having to go to every PC, one at a time. "Trickle feed is also brilliant," says Steve, "Before we had CC4, it used to be so stressful and disruptive when we wanted to roll out updates to our PCs. CC4 really has reduced staff stress levels. Now, they can just get on with teaching."

Benefits for the entire school

Deputy head teacher, Christine Hagon, is also a big advocate. "CC4 has had massive benefits to both Steve and to the entire school. It makes simple tasks really intuitive. It saves teachers time, and Steve has even had the time to do some teaching himself which is great."

One of the most popular features of CC4 is RM Tutor 4, which allows teachers to monitor, demonstrate and control a number of PCs simultaneously within the classroom. Steve uses Tutor 4 all the time. "On my screen I can actually see what the pupils are looking at. If I need to get their attention, I can create a sign that will flash up on their screens. For example, 'your teacher requires your attention now,' or a simple 'sshhh!'."

An invaluable tool

Christine believes that Tutor 4 is an invaluable tool for schools. "It saves so much time and is a great way of organising any classroom. Being able to log all your pupils off in one go is brilliant."

Both Christine and Steve find it hard to remember how they managed before they installed CC4. "It's hard to look back," says Christine. "We are so pleased with CC4. At the time, we were making a number of big ICT changes at the school, so we had our concerns, but it's been well worth it. Our RM account manager was very supportive, and came up with a great package that we could afford."

Contact Chalfont St. Peter School about CC4

Chalfont St. Peter school would be happy to answer any questions other schools may have regarding CC4. If you would like to get in touch with them, email ict@chalfont-st-petercofe.bucks.sch.uk

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