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RM Education recommends Windows 8.


ICT Solutions

Using ICT to make a difference

21 Apr 2011
Promethean ActivExpressionMaximise use of voting systems in your Classroom

Maintaining the flow of a lesson is the key to excellent knowledge reinforcement and deeper learner understanding.

25 Mar 2011
VisualiserUsing Visualisers in the Classroom

Of all the technology that is being adopted in the classroom, only one has truly emerged as one day being matching the omnipotence of the interactive whiteboard: the visualiser.

24 Feb 2011
Green screen etcA day at the RM Learning Emporium

BETT may be over for another year, but the ideas it inspired can be applied every day

13 Feb 2011
mouseTo A Mouse..

Is the mouse dead now that touch is here to stay?

30 Nov 2009
Network VirtualisationGreener, Cheaper, Future Proof

Network Virtualisation & Shared Storage Solutions

09 Dec 2008
Cogmed Working Memory TrainingMemory Magic

Cogmed Working Memory Training

19 Jun 2008
Student outside with cameraA new media suite!

Larkmead, media suite

19 Jun 2008
BrainA new skills focus

Helping you to meet the revised national curriculum with DiscoverAlive

18 Jun 2008
Built with kids in mindDesigned for education

The 'One' Range is the result of listening to teachers and kids and developing hardware that matches their exacting requirements. Find out about the RM One, RM Mobile One - our Loanit scheme and a competition!

18 Mar 2008
EarWe are listening

Examples of RM partnering with customers on product development

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