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Support for Qwizdom products
Published Date : 25 May 2004   Last Updated : 18 Mar 2008   Content Ref: TEC230771  

More Information

Qwizdom support

You may find additional support information, including the user manual, at Qwizdom's Web site at: http://www.qwizdom.co.uk

Warranty contact details

In the event of a hardware failure within the first 14 days of receipt, please contact RM for a replacement unit.

The Qwizdom Voting System are supplied with a 3-year 'return to manufacturer' warranty on the Q3 (IR) remotes, and 1 year 'return to manufacturer' warranty on the Q4 and Q5 (RF) remotes.  In the event that a fault occurs with the base unit or a remote control, please return the faulty hardware for inspection and replacement (where applicable) to:

Enterprise House
2-4 Balloo Ave
Northern Ireland
BT19 7QT

Other Useful Articles

Troubleshooting Qwizdom Q3 IR Voting Handsets (TEC598880)

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