Safety and security

Online safety and parental engagement by Jeri Dash

One of the core principles of a successful online safety strategy is engagement outside the school gates. Essentially this means that online safety isn't just something ... Read More

Changes to Google searches and the impact on your school by Jeri Dash

From tomorrow 23rd June 2015 Google will make significant changes to the way it returns search results in any Google searches, including Google Image searches. What does ... Read More

DDoS Attacks Is your school prepared by Sankar

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are an increasingly publicised and pervasive online threat, particularly for schools. Hackers use these attacks to restrict ... Read More

Safer Internet Day 2015 by Jeri Dash

Today is Safer Internet Day Today is the 12th annual Safer Internet Day (SID) with the theme ‘Let’s create a better internet together’. Celebrated globally in over a ... Read More

Announcing RM SafetyNet Goggles by Sankar

Over 3,000 schools rely on RM SafetyNet’s powerful web filtering technology to prevent access to inappropriate content. However, why should filtering stop at the ... Read More

Changes to Google searches by Jeri Dash

What’s the issue? Google have announced that at the end of January they will make changes to the way it returns search results in any Google searches, including Google Image ... Read More

E-safety: Whose responsibility is it anyway? by Jeri Dash

Online Safeguarding, as we know, is a very serious matter, and as such there needs to be a whole school standardised approach to dealing with matters of concern. This ... Read More

10 years as an IWF member supporting e-safety by Lesley Smith

With regular headlines in the press about cyber-bullying, the dangers of inappropriate content and the questionable safety of social media it’s little wonder that e-safety ... Read More

Why parents need to step up to the e-safety challenge by Suzanne Kyle

It's the final week of our e-safety series and this week we are focusing on how parents can help their children stay safe online. We are delighted to welcome back Ken ... Read More

The five key e-safety questions to ask your students by Suzanne Kyle

Enabling students to take full advantage of technology and preparing them for the real world, while providing a safe environment, is a tricky balancing act. You might be ... Read More


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