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Directors Biographies

Richard Girling
Chief Executive
Richard Girling (age 48) was appointed Managing Director of Research Machines in July 1997 and Group Chief Executive in November 1997. He was appointed to the Board in June 1996 as Product Division Director, having been responsible for the PC Division since 1992 and Technical Director from 1988 to 1992. Prior to joining RM in 1980 he worked at Thorn Consumer Electronics and Marconi Instruments.

Mike Greig
Finance Director
Mike Greig (age 43) joined RM and was appointed a Director in October 1989. He is the Finance Director and Company Secretary and is responsible for Information Systems. He is a non-executive Director of Comino plc. Prior to joining RM he was Finance Director at Case Group plc for three years.

John Netherton
Customers and Markets Director
John Netherton (age 49) was appointed to the Board in June 1996 as Sales and Marketing Director having been responsible for sales and marketing since joining RM in June 1986. He had previously worked at Barclays Bank and Olivetti and as Sales Director of Philips Business Systems Ltd.

Tim Pearson
Technical Director
Tim Pearson (age 39) was appointed to the Board in November 1997, having been responsible for Software and Integrated Systems since 1996. He joined RM straight from University in 1981 and has held a variety of positions in RM's software and services activities. He has responsibility for the international activities of the Group and is Chairman of The Internet Service Provider Association.

John Leighfield CBE
Non-Executive Chairman (a) (r) (n)
John Leighfield (age 61) was appointed non-executive Chairman in October 1994, having joined RM as a non-executive Director in November 1993. He was the Executive Chairman of AT&T Istel until April 1993. He is a non-executive Director of a number of other organisations including Halifax plc and Synstar plc, of which he is non-executive Chairman. He was President of the Computing Services and Software Association in 1995/96. He is a member of the Council of Warwick University and is Chairman of the Advisory Board and a visiting professor of Warwick Business School. He was President of The British Computer Society in 1993/94.

Mike Fischer
Non-Executive President (n)
Mike Fischer (age 49) was Chief Executive from 1973, when he co-founded the business with Michael O'Regan, until November 1997. He is a non-executive Director of Madge NV, a networking products company quoted on NASDAQ. Since 1990 he has been part-time Director of Letchworth Community Education Trust Ltd., a leading non-governmental education project.

(a) Audit Committee Member
(r) Remuneration Committee Member
(n) Nominations Committee Member

Mark Burrell
Senior Non-Executive Director
(a) (r) (n)

Mark Burrell (age 62) was appointed to the Board as a non-executive Director in March 1997. Until May 1997 he was Development Director of Pearson plc and a non-executive Director of Lazard Brothers & Co. Limited. He was the non-executive Chairman of Royal Doulton plc until June 1998. He is the non-executive Chairman of Conafex S.A. and a non-executive Director of Merlin Communications International Limited.

Michael O'Regan
Non-Executive Director (a) (n)
Michael O'Regan (age 52) co-founded the Company in 1973 and has been a non-executive Director since 1992. He is a non-executive Director of Oxford Technology Venture Capital Trust plc and a number of other companies. In addition, he is joint Director of the Hamilton Maths and Reading Projects and a trustee of PEEP, an Oxford based educational project that he formed in 1994.

Sherry Coutu
Non-Executive Director (a) (r) (n)
Sherry Coutu (age 35) was appointed to the Board as a non-executive Director on 18th October 1999. She is founder and Chairman of Interactive Investor International (iii). iii, launched in October 1995, is a leading UK-based Internet financial portal that provides individuals with a wide variety of financial products and services online. Prior to that Sherry was the founder and Managing Director of Internet Securities (1993-1994), and Director of Strategy for Bell Cablemedia.