RM Opens Windows on its miniBook Range
09 Jan 2008
RM Asus miniBook

RM today announces that its range of RM Asus miniBooks is expanding to now include a 1GB memory/ 8GB hard drive model which comes with either Windows XP or the Linux based operating system used in current models.

Both of these two new versions come with 1GB memory, an 8GB solid-state hard drive, Mobile Intel Celeron-M ULV 900MHz processor integrated webcam, microphone and speakers.

Pricing & Software

Pricing will be in the region of 229 plus VAT for the Linux based version and 259 plus VAT for Windows XP Home version (subject to confirmation). The new products will be available from April 2008.

The introduction of the Windows based miniBook means that schools that already have curriculum software which is Windows based can add this to the miniBook. Also, schools with Microsoft Volume License agreements have a route to upgrade to XP Pro and enable network connection using Windows.


The much lauded RM Asus miniBook which was launched at the Handheld Learning Conference in London in October 2007, weighs less than 1kg, and is about the same size as an A5 pad making it the ideal computer for learners. The screen is just over 7 inches in size, the device takes less than 15 seconds to boot up and uses a one click intuitive interface.

Tim Pearson, CEO of RM said, "The miniBooks have already proved immensely popular since launch and we are delighted to be expanding our range to include these two new versions. The addition of Windows was based on customer feedback and will help further integrate these machines into classrooms, ensuring that all learners have access to the very best learning and the very best technology."

For further press information, please contact:

Fiona McLean, Head of Corporate Communications RM,
01235 854539, fmclean@rm.com

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