School network support

At RM Education we know that what matters most to you is trust, expertise, simplicity and value for money.

School Network Support from RM Education will deliver all these in one simple contract. Designed with you in mind we remove the need for multiple support contracts; allowing you to have one single support contract for a very wide range of technologies within your school.

This gives you the reassurance that your existing technologies are supported, and that new technologies you may introduce in the future will also be supported.

Why it works for you


Reduce costs by consolidating all of your technologies into one single support contract. Instead of having multiple contracts with multiple different technology providers, RM becomes your one point of contact for support.

Teaching and learning

Regardless of the technology being used in your school, you can be confident that your teaching staff and learners have access to an IT solution that just works. Allowing you to continue to do what you do best, and be safe in the knowledge that should an issue arise, our team of experts are on hand to solve the issue quickly and ensure there are minimal disruptions to teaching and learning.


Your support contract acts as an insurance policy, giving you piece of mind that if and when you need assistance, you have multiple channels in which you can access support (online, telephone, webchat and self-help).


We understand that when it comes to Network support for your school, there is not a '"one size fits all" approach. We offer tailor made support contracts that are designed to meet your schools current and future IT needs. From online and telephone support to onsite engineers and remote diagnostics, we have a service every schools needs.


Regardless of the type of network and devices you have – we have the knowledge to support you in managing this technology.

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You provide what we need, in a fast changing world of IT

Chris Box - Network Manager, King Edward VI Community College

Which technologies are supported?

For a full list of technologies we support call us on 0800 046 9798 or email

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*Please note that the support contract does not provide licences to use any of the above products: these must be procured separately.

How to access RM Support

The RM Support team can be contacted via the following channels

Telephone support

Get straight through to an engineer who will immediately start work on your issue.

Available Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00, excluding public holidays

Support Online

Raise a new or update an existing call at a time convenient to you. Available 24/7/365 with response during working hours (Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00, excluding public holidays)

Web chat

Webchat gives you immediate access to an engineer at any point during service hours.

Available Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00, excluding public holidays.


Access the RM Knowledge library, with several thousand technical articles for self-help, diagnosis, issue resolution, installation guides and best practice. Available 24/7/365

In addition, your support contract provides:

  • RM Event Master Alerts; automated remote monitoring developed by RM to help identify root causes or help focus investigation work.

  • CC4 software maintenance and security releases to ensure the integrity of your network.

When I ring in I always get really helpful responsive engineers to remote in and sort out the issue

Jonathan Fernandes - ICT Technician, Chace Community School

Additional options

Network assurance

Working with your IT team, your named consultant will proactively monitor, review and document your IT infrastructure to ensure the integrity, security and operational effectiveness of your school's IT. Focusing on areas such as business continuity, disaster recovery, network schematics and a standard set of health check routines, our Support Consultant will work with you to develop your school’s technical development and IT maintenance plans.

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To find out more call us free on 0800 046 9798 or email

Emergency response

This service has been designed for schools who need peace of mind for the rare occasions when issues cannot be resolved by the in-house or remote support teams, offering you an on-site visit when a critical issue occurs, impacting your ability to operate. On your request RM will deploy the next available suitably skilled engineer so you are safe in the knowledge that incidents that cannot be resolved remotely will be rectified by a highly-skilled mobile engineer visiting your site.

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Proactive checks

Your network will be continually monitored as our remote team perform over 120 daily remote checks to monitor the health and status of your network. We will be scrutinising your network for any issues with backups, disk space, printers and server responsiveness and can highlight any issues before they progress into problems. By performing these basic network administration tasks for you remotely, your IT team will have more time to focus on issue resolution and prevention.

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SIMS support

Covers a broad range of SIMS modules as well as advice on FMS. We work to ensure the service is reliable and can also offer advice to help you plan for the future and get the most out of your system.

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Our Modules

Skills and CPD
Skills and CPD

CPD and training to give your staff the confidence and skills to use IT in their lessons and make the most of technology available.

Infrastructure, hardware and devices

Hardware to manage the flow of data across your network. Devices to help engage and inspire your staff and students to innovate, share and collaborate.

Servers, storage and backup
Servers, storage and backup

Make the most of technological advances to reduce ongoing costs and the efficiency of your IT.


Wireless to ensure fair and reliable access to educational materials, applications and online resources.

Network management, reporting and  security tools
Network management, reporting and security tools

A range of tools to support teaching and learning, extend network access and keep your network and children safe and secure.

Cloud technologies
Cloud technologies

Harness cloud technologies to reduce the amount of hardware you need in your school, save money on ongoing costs whilst increasing accessibility and collaboration.

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