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Our mobile device management (MDM) platform gives teachers, IT administrators and parents total oversight of all the tablets and smartphones their students and children use.

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Built specifically
for education

Our MDM platform has been purpose built specifically for education and has been focused on using technology to create safe, collaborative and consistent learning environments in schools and extending this to the home environment as well.

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easy to use

The intuitive, dashboard-driven interface means it’s quick and easy to determine how devices are being used and where they are whilst simplifying application control and providing a safe online environment

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Any device,
on any platform

Our unique platform is device agnostic and can work, simultaneously, with any Android, iOS, MacOS or Chromebook device - relieving schools of the burden of having to standardise device deployments or restrict BYOD and 1:1 programmes.

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Parents have
control at home

Another feature unique to RM Connect MDM is the extension of protection to home-owned devices, with our parent dashboard. Parents are as much a part of a learning environment as the teachers and students and we feel it is critical that they are granted oversight and control of the digital devices and online environment when in the home.

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Why it works for schools

Manage track and secure 

Manage track and secure all education related devices, whether school or home owned and on school property or off site.

Better management, less time

Easily manage multiple devices for real-time inventory management, updates and visibility of lost or stolen devices.

Enable location based restrictions

Automatically switch the state of the device to protect it and its owner, no matter if it is on the school’s network, mobile or public Wi-Fi.

Simplify BYOD programmes

Home-owned and school-owned devices are managed and secured in exactly the same way by both the school, using the school dashboard, and the parent, using the parent dashboard.

Strengthen your online safety strategy

Keep students safe by restricting and blocking inappropriate content and applications as well as tracking online activity and alerting the school and parents of any transgressions.

Why it works in the classroom

Keep your students focused and minimise distractions

Turn off unnecessary apps and control online access to make sure that your students aren’t distracted by their devices, but focused on the class. Teachers can control device settings and restrict the use of apps during class to ensure that only lesson relevant material is being accessed and that the device is used to focus the students, rather than distract them from the class.

Fast lesson preparation

Takes just minutes to ensure all devices are as ready as you are for the lesson by opening the browser on the correct website, confirming the correct apps are loaded and the correct content is available.

The digital classroom

Take complete control of the digital classroom and prepare all classroom devices in minutes. Our MDM enables teachers to effectively manage technology in the classroom.

Encourage participation

Using digital communications via the device with the class and the teacher, students can find non-verbal ways of participating in each lesson.

Message to and from students

By engaging with students via text messaging, before, during and after class, teachers can extend the levels and duration of lesson participation and enhance retention. 

Why it works for parents

Use it at home

If your child’s school is using RM Connect MDM, you as a parent or guardian are also able to use it at home - on home and school owned devices. Guide and protect your child online, limit time spent on devices, block inappropriate apps and content and find the location of your child and their device at any time!

Restrict access to inappropriate content

Protect your child from content that isn’t age appropriate or in line with your family’s values by blocking, or controlling applications and content on the device.

Limit screen time

Restrict access, timetable device use, help your child get some sleep and encourage healthy boundaries with their digital devices.

Track device and browsing history

Know where your child and their device is at all times, as well as what content has been accessed, giving you the information you need to encourage responsible online behaviour.

Control between home and school

Our interactive dashboards ensure that your child’s device is compliant at school, while giving you the ability to manage the device outside of the education environment. Filtering is enabled regardless of location which means your child is protected, wherever they are – at school, at home or in-between.

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