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RM Integris is simple to use, easy to understand and makes a positive difference in schools every single day. It has a big impact on how you manage and manipulate data, and much less of an impact on your bank balance when compared with leading competing solutions. Put simply, RM Integris does exactly what you want it to do, with greater positive benefits in school, yet for far less investment.

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It saves you money

Put simply, RM Integris, when compared with other leading MIS solutions will save your school money.
It’s simple to use and simple to pay for.

With RM Integris you won’t be asked to buy additional modules every time you want to add functionality because everything is included in one simple price. It’s a transparent and fair MIS solution that schools say is great value for money and easy to use. And because time is money nowadays, efficient working with RM Integris means you can save even further and spend more time working on tasks that really make a difference in school.

Alongside excellent value for money we are pleased to say that we don’t scrimp and save on functionality. In fact it’s the complete opposite. RM Integris offers everything you need from a school MIS, and furthermore, we are constantly working on ways we can improve the service, at no extra cost to you.

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"RM Integris does what we need it to do. It’s reliable, and it’s second to none from that respect."

Phil Rawlings

Headteacher, Netherbrook Primary school

It saves you time

RM Integris will save you time, regardless of your role at school. Whether you are a network manager, a teacher or a senior leader, your administrative workload will almost instantly reduce, once you implement our MIS.

Why? Because put simply, it’s just easy to use. It’s an intuitive MIS; you won’t waste valuable minutes looking for the functionality you need, and you can therefore spend more time teaching or working on the things that really make a difference in school.

However, although simple to use compared with many other management information systems, functionality within RM Integris is not compromised. Everything you need is there in front of you. We haven’t cut back on functionality, just complexity, and this simplicity will saves you hours of time each week.

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It makes a real impact in your school.

Many schools tell us that having an MIS that manages school information effectively is a must-have, yet having an MIS that really makes a positive impact is also highly desirable. This is often unachievable when functionality within your MIS can become just far too complicated.

An MIS should not only be an area where school information is stored, it should also be a highly useful tool that staff can rely upon to source and report on data and really make a big difference: at school, at home, for Ofsted and for local authorities.

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"The most valuable part of RM Integris is having up to date information on the children, immediately as and when requested."

Jackie Mulock

Business Manager, Marner Primary School

A dynamic and exciting
cloud-based solution

RM Integris was the first MIS to be completely cloud-hosted, proving our ongoing commitment to new and innovative solutions to support schools. So what does this actually mean and why is this good for you?


If your MIS is hosted in the cloud, you won’t need to invest in hardware to run the solution so you can cut back on the number of servers you use in school. You’ll also be able to reduce the amount of time IT support teams spend managing that hardware so it’s a win-win. And it’s scalable. As your school numbers grow RM Integris can grow with you without any significant price hikes. You won’t need to invest in more hardware because RM Integris is cloud-based.


RM Integris allows you to save precious minutes and hours; it’s an efficient way to capture and input all school data in one central system – from foundation to secondary school and provides easy access to all data in an instant.


Any new updates can be rolled out to RM Integris through the cloud, often with no input required by your school. Again this eases the IT team’s workload, reduces any interruption to the school day, and your system is regularly automatically updated so you won’t miss out on any new functionality.


With RM Integris, staff no longer need to send documents to each other by email, improving data security in your school. Centrally saved versions of documents are hosted in the cloud for sharing and editing online securely, eliminating any risk of school data falling into the wrong hands.

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