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ICT Solutions

Using ICT to make a difference

Improved behaviour, attendance & attainment at Larkmead school

A new media suite at Larkmead school has proved incredibly popular with both students and teachers. Head teacher Chris Harris, has also noticed significant improvements in behaviour, motivation & attainment.

Watch the short film featuring staff and students from Larkmead.
DiscoverAlive supporting you in meeting the challenges of the National Curriculum.DiscoverAlive supporting you in meeting the challenges of the National Curriculum.

Find out more about DiscoverAlive

A little wonder: The RM Asus miniBookA little wonder: The RM Asus miniBook

Find out how schools and colleges are putting the miniBook to good use

Beating the cyber bulliesBeating the cyber bullies

Find out more about this difficult to detect form of bullying.

Sustainable networking and extended learningSustainable networking and extended learning

RM's new Community Connect 4 - supporting your long term return on investment

Produce creative content with FuseProduce creative content with Fuse

Creating interactive content is easy with Fuse.

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