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Information and Communication Technology

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Key Stage 4+

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Product Overview

Here at RM we believe that investing time and energy into your skills development is crucial to the job that you do and your development as an individual. In order to ensure that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to fully and effectively use your CC4 network, RM offers a wide range of training courses to cater for your individual needs.

In order to help ensure that you receive the most appropriate training course for your particular needs, we have developed a tool to help guide your choice of training or if you'd rather see a full list of all of our courses, please click here

CC4 for ICT Co-ordinators (Getting Started)
Are you new to CC4? This course is designed for primary school ICT coordinators who are new to CC4 and have support by a third-party technician.

CC4 for ICT Co-ordinators (Fasttrack)
Migrating to CC4 from CC3? Do you already feel confident and practiced in the use of CC4?  Supported by a third-party technician? Then this course is for you!

CC4 for Technicians
This course is tailored for network managers and technicians who are responsible for managing a CC4 network.

CC4 FastTrack
Gain the practical knowledge and experience of CC4.This course has been tailored for those upgrading from CC3 to CC4.

Application Packaging on CC4
This course is designed for network managers and technicians. Attendees will be shown how to prepare, create and test packages using the toolset provided with CC4, following RM best practice.

CC4 Advanced Diagnostics (formerly known as CC4 Masterclass)
This advanced course is tailored for experienced network managers and technicians with CC4 networks to provide them with in-depth technical and practical experience with these networks, their tools and functionality.

CC4 Bootcamp
Interested in attending both the Applications Packaging on CC4 and CC4 Advanced Diagnostics courses?  Then buy them together at a reduced and take them when you're ready.
£100 off combined course prices

CC4 Examinations
Here at RM we are passionate about your professional development as an individual and want all of our customers to maximise the investment they have made with RM by learning the relevant skills and knowledge to get the most out of your RM solutions. We have two exams specifically designed for ICT Technicians and Network managers:

- RM Certified Network Technician Exam
After the CC4 for Technicians or CC4 Fasttrack course, candidates have the opportunity to take the RM Certified Network Technician exam free of charge.

- RM Certified Network Manager Exam
Alternatively candidates taking the CC4 Advanced Diagnostics or Application Packaging on CC4 course can opt to sit the RM Certified Network Manager exam, also free of charge. 

Educational Benefits

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