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An exciting learning environment within the RM Learning Platform

Product Overview

"Students that thought they couldn't do ICT are coming into school asking if we are using the learning platform today"

Andrea Perry, HOD ICT, Christ Church Middle School

Learning Spaces are included in all packages for the RM Learning Platform, and allow you to create rich and exciting lessons, set assignments, track returned work and send marks to students online. Learning Spaces provides a comprehensive toolkit to support online learning.

Create exciting online lessons

Quickly create online courses with familiar and easy to use webpage authoring tools. Enrich these with blogs, audio, video, podcasts, flash activities or use SCORM content packs created by providers such as Oxford University Press, Boardworks, Birchfield and RM.

Engage with students

Engage with students by using web 2.0 and social networking tools; allow them to contribute into courses through blogs, video*, discussion forums and chat rooms*, wikis and document libraries. 

Give students access to resources whenever they need them

With access via any Internet connected computer, students can learn when and where they want, with all the information from past lessons at their fingertips.  The Resource Library gives students access to your school's content packs and resources in order to support independent leaning.

Focus on personalised learning

By targeting differentiated activities at individuals or groups of students, Learning Spaces supports personalised learning.

Save time by sharing your resources and courses

We're all short of time, but when we work together things get done faster.  The RM Learning Platform can allow you to share resources and courses with colleagues in your school, local authority or cluster.  Collaboration can help reduce course creation time and promote the sharing of best practice.

To find out more about the features and benefits of Learning Spaces, click on the "Features" tab or book an online demo.
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*requires RM Learning Platform 'Inspire' or 'Insight' packages, or the RM Communicator module

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