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Fast, reliable broadband connectivity is essential in schools.

RM Broadband

A top priority in today's connected world

Today's pupils operate in a world that is 'always on' and 'always connected', so they naturally expect the same experience at school too. Therefore, having a fast, reliable broadband connection is becoming an increasing priority in schools and an essential ingredient in the drive to make learning more engaging and accessible to all. Connectivity RM Broadband can provide your school with fast, safe, secure and reliable access to the internet, which will support your school with:
  • Raising attainment - access to your favourite online learning and assessment resources.
  • Improving e-safety provision - make good use of dynamic filtering and proactive monitoring.
  • Implementing a 1:1 or BYOD scheme -access learning resources on any device anytime and anywhere.
  • Saving money - take advantage of the growing range of free online services.

Now you can get better connected for less - RM Education...

Connectivity Connectivity
  • Is the UK's leading educational ISP.
  • Is already the trusted supplier for over 8,000 schools .
  • Has been providing fast, resilient broadband for over 15 years.
  • Offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed for schools.
  • Delivers superior value and outstanding performance and reliability.
  • Supports you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Offers expert advice and award-winning support.
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