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Product Overview
RM EasyMail Plus is an email service designed specifically for education, covering issues that are important to schools. With excellent email control features, pupil and staff design templates and support for large mailboxes, it is the best whole school Web-based email solution available.
  • It's easy to use - it's clear and obvious how to do everything.
  • Very easy to set up users or make changes.
  • Keeps kids safe - banned word list and restriction lists configurable by the admin.
  • Brilliant anti-spam and anti-virus.
  • Email anywhere - in school, at home, on holiday, round a friends house, down the youth club.
  • Email on anything - your phone, your minibook, your PC, your laptop, your Mac, Outlook.
  • Value for money - no hardware to buy, no additional software, no people costs, no anti-virus or anti-spam solution, no ongoing maintenance; you just pay for the mailboxes.
  • Compatible with Microsoft® Outlook
  • 1GB mailboxes - keep as many emails as you like, and use folders to organise them.
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  • RM reserves the right to change specifications and prices.