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CC4 Anywhere

CC4 Anywhere - anywhere, anytime access

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Product Overview

CC4 Anywhere is an exciting option for use with Community Connect 4 networks.

It is a private cloud that enables you to access your network, securely from anywhere with Internet access using almost any device. In fact it allows:

  • Teachers and students to work anywhere, using their own devices.
  • You to use the software you need, as long as it's installed on the CC4 Anywhere server, even if it's not installed on your device.
  • Lessons to happen anywhere outside, such as on a school field trip, using a mobile device hooked up to the school network via a 3G or wireless connection.
  • Users can log in and work from home on their own machine - whether it's an iMac, an iPad or laptop.
  • You can manage your network on the move from a portable device like a smartphone, to keep it running smoothly at all times.
  • Your school can save money on ICT and energy by using more sustainable 'thin client' technology.

How can it help my school?

See the positive impact CC4 Anywhere is having on The Abbey School.

Many CC4 schools, colleges and academies are using CC4 Anywhere to enhance teaching and learning.

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