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RM IntegrisG2

RM IntegrisG2 - School Management Information System ( MIS ) for primary schools

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Product Overview
RM IntegrisG2 is a new school Management Information System (MIS) for primary schools that is cloud-based (centrally hosted and web-delivered) and offers access to school information from the classroom, office or home.

Benefits of RM IntegrisG2
  • RM IntegrisG2 can be accessed via any Internet enabled device. No need for any more expensive server and hardware configurations to support your MIS
  • Secure anytime, anywhere access means teachers can work on the system from home or anywhere with internet connectivity.
  • RM IntegrisG2 includes a powerful reporting tool, with over 200+ types of reports, so your data can be transferred to Excel or interrogated using a simple filter
  • Because RM IntegrisG2 is centrally hosted, the school does not need to back-up or maintain the system or data
  • Software upgrades are applied once and centrally when released and ready immediately to all schools
  • With consent, the Local Authority can begin to carry out a number of tasks on a school's behalf
  • Robust security protocols ensure only users with the appropriate privileges can access pupil data
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