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Broadband from RM Education

Why connect with RM Education?

What's included with every RM Broadband connection?

99.9% availability

An Internet connection you can rely on.

Internet monitoring

Network monitoring and automated alerts.

Managed Juniper router

Pre-configured with your network requirements.

Internet filtering

Cloud-hosted customisable and accredited content filtering as standard - no two schools are alike so we make sure the Internet fits your needs by making sure you can amend the filtering policy as you see fit.

Safe and secure firewall security

Provided by our cloud-hosted Cisco ASA security appliances. Prevent intrusion to your schools network whilst maintaining full control over your firewall policy.

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The right solution to suit your school...

Broadband Bolt-ons Online safety

We've been providing connectivity to schools for over 16 years, so we understand the changes and challenges that you face when It comes to online technology in education. We offer a wide range of internet services in order to give you a provision which works for your school and your budget.

When you request a personalised quote we'll look into which options are available to your school, and recommend from the following services based on your location and circumstances.




Advantages Ideal for
ADSL Connect up to


up to


Low cost. Widely available. Small primary Read more
ADSL Plus up to


up to


Low cost. Widely available. Small primary Read more
Fibre Plus up to


up to


Fast downloads and uploads. Telecomms line included. Get 6 months free. Medium primary Read more
Bonded Line up to


up to


Access to faster bandwidth in low bandwidth areas. Medium primary Read more
Leased Line up to


Symmetric Fast, dedicated service. Large primary and secondary Read more
Ethernet Connect up to


Symmetric Good for school groups and clusters. School groups and clusters Read more
Satellite Plus Up to


Up to


Better connectivity, no matter where you are. Rural, small primary Read more

Your free broadband guide

We know that finding the right broadband service to fit your school can be difficult: who offers the best service for a great price with a great speed?

To help get through the minefield we have pulled together a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide to give you all the facts at your fingertips. The guide includes things like a jargon buster, information on speed, performance and value for money as well as a little bit about our broadband service.

Download now

Case studies

Download the PDFs below to read about two schools using RM Broadband to improve teaching and learning.

King Edward VI Five Ways Aldridge School

Safe and secure

Accredited and customisable filtering with network monitoring and automated alerts as standard. We provide unrivalled e-safety solutions, training and consultancy.

UK-based support

Our UK-based team are dedicated to supporting your Internet service. Our engineers have a wide range of technical certifications and accreditations to ensure that you receive an exceptional Internet provision.

Speed and reliability

The fastest, most reliable broadband in your area. Our service availability is 99.9% and we won't compromise bandwidth or hold schools back by imposing download limits or usage policies.

Value for money

Our broadband services include absolutely everything that you require for a service suitable for education. There are no hidden costs.

Hassle-free migration

We ensure a smooth transition to RM Broadband. Our experienced engineers and project teams are on hand to support you every step of the way and the move to your new service will be as quick and simple as possible.

ADSL Connect

Widely available as it is delivered over a standard BT phone line. If you don't have a BT phone line, we can provide that too! ADSL Connect provides download speeds of up to 8Mbps, which gives you fast access to the internet and is a good choice for small schools who are light users of the internet.

Suitable for: Primary schools and backup connectivity.

If Fibre Plus becomes available to your school during your contract period you can upgrade your connection for free.


The next generation of ADSL, ADSL Plus will give your school download speeds of up to 20Mbps. Perfect for small schools who are still light users of the internet but using more media rich resources in the classroom, with a busy office or administrative team.

Suitable for: Primary schools and backup connectivity.

If Fibre Plus becomes available to your school during your contract period you can upgrade your connection for free.

Fibre Plus

Fast and stable access to the internet with an enhanced support wrap added to the standard services that come with all RM Broadband services. Fibre Plus offers download speeds of up to 80Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps. Fibre Plus makes a real impact in schools to how the curriculum is delivered, by giving teachers and learners the security and speed they need to access online media, apps and other resources.

Only £2450 per year, subject to a minimum 3-year contract. Order before 30 April 2015 and receive 6 months service free of charge.

Suitable for: Primary schools, small secondary schools and backup connectivity.

If Fibre Plus is not available to your school at this time we can normally provide an ADSL connection; if Fibre Plus becomes available during your contract period you can upgrade your connection for free.

Bonded Line

Connectivity is still lagging in some areas. Or where it is good, pricing for more advanced services like Leased Lines is out of reach for some schools. A Bonded Line from RM Education ensures that schools in hard to reach locations aren't excluded from taking advantage of faster speeds and the benefits that come with it. Bond ADSL Connect, ADSL Plus or even Fibre Plus to give your school an online boost!

Suitable for: Primary schools, small secondary schools and backup connectivity. Especially those in hard to reach areas with low bandwidth or connectivity "not spots".

Leased Line

Still the product of choice for schools looking to future proof their schools infrastructure and meet the demands of the internet today and tomorrow. With speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 1Gbps, Leased Lines add real value to schools by allowing them to take advantage of dynamic and exciting content online as well as facilitating "bring your own device", virtual learning environments and cloud usage. Take the challenge out of accessing the internet and free your students to find new ways of using it as a tool for learning. All with RM Education's award-winning support and e-safety.

Suitable for: Large primary schools and secondary schools.

Ethernet Connect

Shared infrastructure is a great way to share bandwidth (providing fast access to the internet) as well as sharing resources. Talk to one of our Broadband specialists today to find out how we can link up two or more schools and provide you with your own dedicated network.

Suitable for: Clusters or groups of schools.

Ethernet Connect

The same principle as Ethernet Connect, but using wireless technology. Sometimes location makes shared infrastructure a challenge particularly in rural areas. Wireless Ethernet takes away that challenge and makes accessing high bandwidth services and shared resources a reality.

Suitable for: Particularly clusters or groups of schools, especially those in hard to reach areas with low bandwidth or connectivity "not spots".

Satellite Plus

Satellite Plus - Slow or unreliable internet can be a drain on schools and inhibit use of the internet altogether. Even more so if your school is in a very remote location. Satellite Plus offers schools an alternative to limited <1Mbps connections and gives pupils and staff a service that opens up the internet in a new way.

Suitable for: Primary schools in remote locations.

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