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News ArticleVisit the Support websites here!

Our Support web pages (portals) contain useful and important information such as the latest software updates and articles released. Click on the links below to visit the portal of your choice. 


Check out the links on the right-hand side for even more portals...

News ArticleRM Support Live Chat
 Live Chat is a quick way of contacting a second line engineer in your RM Support team.

News ArticleHow to register and use the RM Community
 Latest update - three new groups have been added (Google, Microsoft and Apple). The RM Community (https://community.rm.com/community/) is the place to go to ask questions and share advice with other people facing the same challenges as you.

News ArticleGood practice in network management
 Looks at the various maintenance procedures for a network, such as procedures that should be carried out daily, weekly, monthly and termly.

Latest News Articles

News ArticleRM Integris - Known issues for Autumn 2015 School Census - 17 Aug 2015

A list of known issues and what schools can/should do about them.

News ArticleRelease Note for RM Unify v2.26 - 12 Aug 2015

Provides a download of the Release Note for RM Unify v2.26.

More News...

Latest Technical Articles

Technical ArticleHow to use web rules in RM SafetyNet Next - 27 Aug 2015

Explains how to use web rules in RM SafetyNet Next.

Technical ArticleHow to set up and use staff proxy in RM SafetyNet Next - 26 Aug 2015

Explains how to set up and use staff proxy in RM SafetyNet Next.

Technical ArticleRM Unify - Which AD attributes are uploaded by RM Unify AD Sync - 24 Aug 2015

Lists the AD attributes uploaded by RM Unify AD Sync.

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Latest Drivers & Downloads
DownloadWebcam driver for RM One version 3 (Micr ...
DownloadRM Support newsletter - issue 6
DownloadGroupcall Xporter for RM Unify MIS integ ...

RM provides its end users with support for Microsoft Service Packs.