As schools continue to increase their use of mobile technology and cloud services, the wireless infrastructure becomes ever more essential in enabling seamless teaching and learning.

With over a decade of experience in wireless solutions, we understand what you need to make your experience whole. We have partnered with the wireless providers that deliver the most educationally suited solutions; both financially and technologically.


Why it works for you


Our experts will work with you to understand your vision for your school and the best way to get there within budget and timescale.


Our team of experts will provide you with a continuous, reliable service that supports your teaching and learning and allows for a high degree of flexibility. Planning a wireless network has never been easier, and if you need coverage in an area then we can simply add another access point.

Teaching and learning

Regardless of the device, whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, pupils have equal access to the network, creating a uniform learning experience for every student, providing a seamless, reliable and secure solution to support your teaching and learning.


Our solutions feature a wide range of security measures to protect your confidential data and aid in compliance. Extensive security features are built-in with additional security functions available as add-on options.


We can offer managed wireless solutions, wireless network implementation and integration of the wireless network into your existing solution.


With a single network support contract for all of your supported technology, you can get the help you need when you need it.

To find out more call us free on 0800 046 9798 or email networks@rm.com

Many, many years of excellent support. A real understanding of the issues facing school networks.

M. Gingell - ICT Communications Chesham Park Community College

Our Products

Fortinet Managed Wireless

Fortinet managed wireless is our Recommended solution for Secondary Schools. This is due to its unique, single channel technology, which allows for uninterrupted roaming throughout the school. The technology allows for twice the speed of competitor solutions

As Fortinet’s number one partner within the education sector, working together for over a decade, we have ensured that our customers are receiving everything they need from both parties. What does this include?

  • An indicative quote within a week- we understand the pressures faced by schools to get project budgets approved and want to help where possible by providing all of the necessary information
  • Site surveys available to ensure we understand your wireless needs exactly, allowing us to create the perfect solution for your school
  • With a partnership as robust as this, we have been able to ensure the best pricing for our customers

Email fortinet@rm.com or call us on 0800 046 9798 to find out more

Everything is faster, stability is better, there's less down time and we are less stressed, everybody wins.

Alistair Hetherington - Network Manager, Longbenton Community College

Our Modules

Skills and CPD
Skills and CPD

CPD and training to give your staff the confidence and skills to use IT in their lessons and make the most of technology available.

Infrastructure, hardware and devices

Hardware to manage the flow of data across your network. Devices to help engage and inspire your staff and students to innovate, share and collaborate.

Servers, storage and backup
Servers, storage and backup

Make the most of technological advances to reduce ongoing costs and the efficiency of your IT.


Wireless to ensure fair and reliable access to educational materials, applications and online resources.

Network management, reporting and  security tools
Network management, reporting and security tools

A range of tools to support teaching and learning, extend network access and keep your network and children safe and secure.

Cloud technologies
Cloud technologies

Harness cloud technologies to reduce the amount of hardware you need in your school, save money on ongoing costs whilst increasing accessibility and collaboration.

To find out more call us free on 0800 046 9798 or email networks@rm.com

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