Should you be switching your Internet provider?

Check out our 5 essential quick-fire questions to ask every supplier…

1. To what extent do you understand our educational needs?

ICT is now truly embedded in the curriculum which means that your Internet connection is now an essential component to teaching and learning in your school. This is exciting times for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as it means that now more than ever there is a direct correlation between your ISP and your educational goals. With the Internet at the core of this digital environment, it is important that you partner with a provider that you can trust, a partner that understands your needs and can offer insight and innovative ideas; a partner in education.

2. How aware are you of the challenges and requirements in schools around e-learning, online safety, and data protection?

To appropriately advise you on the best Internet services and ensure you’re making the best use of your services, it’s essential that your ISP has an in-depth understanding of the education sector and the opportunities, challenges, and regulations that schools are faced with.

To name just a few of the issues that today’s school leaders are faced with…

    • Improving and evaluating online safety to be in line with Ofsted’s framework
    • The increased adoption of cloud services and the type of obligations that schools have in respect of data security when moving services to the cloud
    • BYOD schemes and how to use tablets safely, securely and effectively
    • Dealing with much greater threats to schools data and how to minimise the risk
3. How much control do I have over the service?

Your school is like no other, so you should have the freedom to customise your service to suit your individual needs and requirements. Whether it’s customising your filtering, configuring your firewall, or increasing your bandwidth you want to be able to shape your connection around your school.

4. What happens as/when my needs change? What if they change before the contract ends?

With the heavier use of online content in the classroom, cloud services, alongside the growing utilisation of bring-your-own-device schemes, your Internet service now underpins how teachers teach and learners learn. It’s not easy for schools to continually watch the technology industry, predict the latest trends, and then understand how this works within education. Nevertheless, it’s important that you anticipate change as now more than ever the use of technology in teaching and learning is ever increasing and evolving.

Your ISP should support your current needs but also be flexible if those needs change.

5. What do you offer that is different from other ISPs?

It is always important to ask this question to see how they set themselves apart from other providers. It is common of ISPs to focus solely on price and speed, but how else can they help and support you? Do they offer flexibility and choice so that you have a service tailored to your needs? will they improve your overheads to minimise cost, time and risk; whilst improving performance so that you can make much better use of digital and cloud services?

We love nothing more than speaking to schools about their ICT plans so give us a call and hear what we have to say about these key questions!

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