Over the past few years, it has been well documented that there is an increasing pressure on schools to keep up to date with fast-moving changes in technology.

These demands however aren't necessarily coming from the government or any curriculum-based changes though, although there is a need to deliver at curriculum level on subjects such as coding. Rather, these drivers ultimately come from children and parents since they are regularly using the latest technology in their everyday lives.

We need to ensure that our lessons reflect the reality of their technological lives, and provide access to the solutions, platforms and devices they are likely to encounter as they enter their working lives, and a crucial part of achieving that is having the right ICT partner in place.

When any new technology is implemented, there will always be challenges - but a 'one size fits all' approach cannot work; your ICT provider should know your school well enough to be able to make tailored recommendations about what technology could work best for you and solve issues which are unique to your individual learning environment.

It's also essential that your ICT provider holds strong partnerships with the three globally recognised main platform providers; Microsoft, Google and Apple.

This will ensure they are able to share news of the latest technology and forthcoming developments, and most importantly, facilitate access to these technologies and seamlessly integrate them into your teaching and learning objectives.

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