These top tips offer a reminder about securing access to RM Integris. The security of your data is crucial and you must have appropriate security measures in place to prevent the personal data you hold being accidentally or deliberately compromised. If personal data is not properly safeguarded, this can seriously damage a schools reputation and can compromise the safety of individuals. Your Local Authority may already supply you with detailed advice which should always be followed to the letter.

  1. Passwords. Our recommendation is the more complex your password the better, and that they are changed every 30 days. We know this can make it more of a pain to use and remember but there is good reason!

  2. Give appropriate access to your staff. Check your individual users are assigned the correct roles. This means they can only access the information they should be able to see.

  3. Audit regularly. Regularly check your user roles, making sure any leavers or staff changing roles are updated in the system. Ensure you close down any accounts not in use making them inactive.

  4. Secure your device when not in use. Be virulent about access to any device that you are using, personal or school owned. Ensure it is password protected and always lock it when you leave it, no matter for what length of time. Remember, if you can’t see it, it should be locked.

  5. Have the right processes and policies in place. To ensure the right processes are carried out to keep your data secure your school should have policies and procedures in place from the basic IT security and access, all the way through to staff knowing what they should access from home and how they should protect it.

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