Both teachers and students love iPad. It enables endless learning and teaching opportunities with powerful Apple apps, over 80,000 education apps on the App Store, interactive books on every subject in iBooks, and countless iTunes U resources like course materials, lectures and videos from experts around the world.

iPad inspires creativity and hands-on learning with features you won’t find in any other educational tool. Discover apps, interactive books, virtual tours, videos and more that fit each student’s level and learning style. All on a device they already love.

Why iPad in education?
Apps in a class by themselves

The App Store features more than 80,000 educational apps made just for iPad, offering unlimited potential to transform the way teachers teach and students learn.

iTunes U

iTunes U is a destination within iTunes solely dedicated to great educational content. It’s filled with countless learning resources like lectures, videos, books and more. And it’s all free.


iBooks is stacked with materials to help you teach practically any subject. And because many books are created just for iPad, they’re not just great reads – they’re great interactive experiences. Discover children’s books, classic novels, biographies, reference guides and more that let you flick through photo galleries, rotate 3D objectives, or play video and audio.

Built-in accessibility features

iPad comes with innovative technologies and assistive features like VoiceOver, AssistiveTouch and Guided Access that have changed the learning landscape, allowing students with special needs to learn and engage like never before.

Pages, Numbers and Keynote

With iPad and these powerful free apps , students can write, analyse data and present their work in engaging ways. And each app comes with templates designed to get them off to a great start.

iMovie and GarageBand

With iPad and these apps, students can transform the typical essay or research project and tackle just about any assignment in creative new ways. The possibilities for your classroom are endless.

Taught by educators, for educators

Apple Professional Development workshops teach you how to integrate apple products into your curriculum and overall student environment for a richer learning and teaching experience.

IT in the classroom

Deploying iPad throughout your institution has never been easier. You can help students and teachers get up and running quickly with a complete solution for deploying and enrolling iPad, as well as purchasing and distributing apps and books.

As an Apple Solution Expert, RM offers you high quality advice, installation and training to support you in harnessing the full power of Apple. To find out more about how RM Education could support you please visit, email or call 0800 046 9798.

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