Since starting the placement at RM the most daunting, challenging and unnerving aspect quite simply has to be starting the day at 8.30am. Maybe I am being slightly overdramatic, but I suppose I had become quite at ease living the student lifestyle. Ever since the application process to university, I was sure of two things: I knew that I wanted to study a Business related subject and additionally incorporate 12 month placement into the degree – which is growing in popularity particularly for business/economics related degrees.

Other than the obvious financial motives that seem to be the overruling factor for attracting many of my peers, for me it is more about getting a better understanding of the role of marketing in practice. Since joining the RM Marketing Services team one month ago, I have learnt so much about the communication streams in which they promote the brand; especially through events.

I can see that the theoretical side of marketing that we learn at University is good for understanding the fundamentals, but to really understand it you must experience it in a tangible context. I have already had some great insight into coordinating events at the Technology for Change Day in Hull which was very exciting and challenging.

Furthermore I have been given autonomy over managing a social media campaign on Instagram to promote the RM ‘personality’ providing another great opportunity for me to have my own project to work on. Moreover I feel that I have been treated as an equal team member with the same career development opportunities as everyone else. It is fantastic to see that as an education company RM really embraces its values that it projects externally through supporting me and my education internally.

RM has so far been a great support in furthering my business education and career development. I am excited for the rest of the year working at RM to see what there will be in store for me!

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