Statutory returns can cause extra stress in an already busy school day. Your office staff are already dealing with parents at the desk (Perspex screen nowadays), a child that’s fallen over and numerous disturbances from teaching staff needing resources. The last thing they need is a changed statutory return or school census to complete.

We have been helping schools do just that not only in times of crisis, such through the Coronavirus pandemic, but all through the year, every year. We continually update RM Integris to meet new or changed statutory demands. Moreover, we install the updates to RM Integris overnight so you don't need to worry about being up to date, waiting for technical staff to update servers, or having downtime during core hours.

During the pandemic we provided what you needed, and we are still here for you:

Our simple to use Staff Cover Module records the reasons for staff absence so you can produce your Covid Staff Absence report. Whilst our Cover Module has been in place for many years, we added the new absence reasons you needed to record for the pandemic. The Covid Staff Absence report functionality does more than keep track of your Covid related absences. It helps you identify staff who may need extra well-being support following a Covid related absence.

  • When the DfE requested that schools submit a daily Covid absence report, we helped schools fulfil the new statutory requirement by providing a DfE EDSET Form report. This report gives you the information you need to update your DfE submission. As well as providing these reports, we have been working with the DfE on a pilot scheme to collate this data electronically. Through our easy and secure Datashare functionality you can simply select the DfE Attendance Data Sharing tile, review a list of the data being shared and then grant access to it. This shares the data automatically the very next day.
  • We offer this simple data sharing functionality with various 3rd party applications. This makes it easy and secure to keep data up to date in one place and share it with many providers, while you remain in control. When you no longer wish to share that data, you simply withdraw access. All this is available to you by logging on via a web browser on any device so there is no need to be in school.

RM Integris DfE data sharing

To find out more about how RM Integris’ makes census and other statutory returns easier, contact us to arrange a demo.

Flexible reporting puts the data at your fingertips

We expanded our flexible ad hoc reporting to include new attendance reports so that schools can see specific information about Covid related absences. They list students with Covid attendance X codes for any given day or week, and the year to date. This attendance data is supported by group analysis reports so you can report on Covid related absences by class, by pupil or by year group. You can also combine contextual data such as overall attendance or absences with your assessment plans. The included set of assessment plans help you track pupil attainment and help identify pupils falling behind. This gives you a single place to see progress by comparing against previous key stage and end of year assessments.

We continually update RM Integris in line with DfE requirements. Whether it relates to new funding or reporting on the catch-up premium and tutoring programme, our product development plan evolves to meet your needs. When School Census is due, RM Integris is ready to ensure you meet the latest DfE specifications thanks to the intuitive School Census wizard. Data errors or queries usually occur due to missing data. The wizard provides hints to resolve them, with a link to individual pupil records to update entries.

RM Integris is fully cloud-based and we make the switching process easy. Our friendly UK-based support team will guide you step-by-step. To find out more about how you could benefit from changing to a modern, cloud-based MIS like RM Integris get in touch now.

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