Cloud Journeys:
Core Wars - get smart to the devastating
effects of viral attacks

Phil Reid

Senior Product Manager
RM Education

Our Second video in our series Cloud Journeys focuses on the increasing levels of global disruptions caused by viruses and ransomware. The risk of viral attacks is not new but the prevalence and volume of attacks is higher now than it’s ever been. This has created a greater need than ever to ensure your establishment network is secure.

In this webinar Phil Reid, Product Manager for Cloud Security with highlight the need for antivirus and detail RM Educations unique partnership with Trend Micro. A leading supplier and creator or cloud security products.

We’re really excited about our partnership with Trend micro and know that the security our customers will get from these product will be second to none.

To find our more take a look at our PDF guide to Trend Micro security options or email Phil at

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