10 Reasons to move to Windows 10

At the end of January, Heather Francis, Account Manager, Mark Mansfield, Hardware Senior Buyer, Ian Hart, Network Product Manager and Dan Young, Hardware Marketing Manager ran a webinar giving you 10 compelling reasons to start moving to Windows 10 sooner rather than later.

The team talked through the 10 reasons to move to windows 10.

  1. The most secure Windows ever
  2. A future proof operating system
  3. The latest and greatest devices
  4. Faster bootup and log on times
  5. InTune for Education
  6. Active Hours & Windows Update
  7. Much improved desktop experience
  8. Vastly improved Office collaboration
  9. High device and application compatibility
  10. It’s Free!

And a surprise 11th reason…. We’ll keep the suspense on this one!

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If you’re interested to find out more about how our team at RM can support you with Windows 10 please email us at networks@rm.com and let us know you watched the webinar and how we can help you.

To sign up for more webinars like this please visit www.rm.com/webinars.

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