RM Integris school management information system
Introducing our
referral scheme.

RM Education is delighted to announce our new RM Integris Referral Scheme, created to incentivise and reward you, our customers, for pointing schools in our direction whom are potentially interested in making the leap to the number-one cloud-based MIS in the UK.

In return, we will look to give back some savings to you through a 10% discount on your next renewal, as well as increasing cash payments for subsequent referrals to spend on whatever you see fit.

What rewards can I receive?

Number of referrals
in the contract period

Your reward

1st £250 & 10% off renewal
2nd £350
3rd £450
4th £550
5th £650
6th+ £750

What is the process?


You talk to/hear about another school who is interested in RM Integris.


Share your honest experience of both RM Education as a company and RM Integris as an MIS with the interested school.


To submit the referral, please email DPReferrals@rm.com with details of the potential customer including their School/Trust name, the key contact’s name/job title, their contact details and any relevant background detail that would help us in discussing their requirements.


If you are happy to, we may refer back to you as a reference site for the interested school in case they want to ask questions or find out more about your experiences. This is not a requirement, but may be helpful in winning the opportunity and your referral fee.


If the school successfully purchases RM Integris, your referral reward is applied – a 10% discount on your next renewal and financial reward, or a financial reward if it’s your second (or greater) within your contract period.

Key things to note
  • The order must be signed and received by RM Education before any payout occurs.
  • The referral scheme is static and cannot be adjusted in order of its payouts.
    The referral scheme will ‘reset’ in terms of order following your next renewal.
  • RM Education holds the right to refuse any referral lead or referral fee payout where deemed necessary.
  • Referees cannot actively encourage prospective customers towards multiple MIS solutions at the time of referring a potential customer.
  • Following your submission of a referral, we will aim to stay in touch with you to update on the status of your referral when/where possible.
    Of course, you are welcome to check in with us at any time.
  • Please note, the rewards listed above are specific to customers who purchase RM Integris directly from RM Education.
    If you purchase RM Integris indirectly (such as through one of our Local Authority Partners),
    then please email DPReferrals@rm.com for specific details on your reward scheme as it may differ.

RM Integris can save you money

With RM Integris you can make significant savings compared with many competing solutions and with all the functionality you need. Alongside excellent value for money, RM Integris offers everything you need from a school MIS whilst we are also constantly working on ways we can improve the service at no extra cost to you.

RM Integris can save you time

RM Integris provides an extremely time efficient way of capturing, inputting and reporting all your school data in one central system. Ease of use combined with efficient reporting means valuable time savings across your school.

RM Integris is completely cloud hosted

School staff are able to easily login and access the system anytime, anywhere and on any device. Automatic updates are run seamlessly overnight with no interruption to your working day. And if there’s a problem, there’s no need to worry as we will fix it remotely.

RM Integris was the first MIS to be completely cloud-hosted, proving our ongoing commitment to new innovative solutions to support schools.

RM Integris makes a real impact

It’s not just about management of your school information, but also making a real difference in your school. The ability to deliver fast, credible and detailed reports for Ofsted and Census submissions whilst also highlighting areas of strength and showing the impact of interventions can help your SLT plan improvements and share knowledge across the school.

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