RM Integris school management information system
Introducing your
referral scheme.

RM Education is delighted to announce your new
RM Integris Referral Scheme, created to incentivise and reward you, our customers, for recommending other schools who are interested in making the leap to the number one cloud-based MIS in the UK.

In return, we will give you up to a 100% discount on your next renewal, potentially giving you RM Integris free for a year!*

Refer and win rewards!

Number of referrals
in the contract period

Renewal discount reward

1st 20%
2nd 40%
3rd 60%
4th 80%
5th 100%


The process


Recommend RM Integris to anyone you know who might be interested


Share your honest experience of both RM Education as a company and RM Integris as an MIS with the interested school


If the school you are talking to agrees, provide their details to us by clicking the 'Refer here’ button on this page and complete the relevant details required (such as the school/trust’s name)


If you are happy to, we may refer back to you as a reference site for the interested school/trust in case they want to ask further questions or find out more about your experiences


When the school purchases RM Integris, we will let you know and your Renewal Discount Reward is then applied on your next renewal… and that’s it!

Key things to note
  • The order must be signed and received by RM Education before any Renewal Discount Reward is applied to your next renewal of RM Integris.
  • The referral scheme will ‘reset’ in terms of order following your next renewal.
    Your first referral in each contract term will always be a 20% reduction on your next contract term.
  • The discount rewards are not cumulative and you will receive the stated discount relevant to the number of referrals you have submitted during your contract period.
  • RM Education holds the right to refuse any referral lead or Referral Discount Reward – this is likely to only be in special cases such as when the school is already in the process of purchasing RM Integris from RM Education when we receive the referral or we believe the Referral Scheme is being abused.
  • Referrers cannot actively encourage prospective customers towards multiple MIS solutions at the time of referring a potential customer to RM Education.
  • Following your submission of a referral, we will aim to stay in touch with you to update on the status of your Referral Discount Reward when/where possible. Of course, you are welcome to check in with us at any time!
  • Please note, the rewards listed above are specific to customers who purchase RM Integris directly from RM Education.
    If you purchase RM Integris indirectly (such as through one of our Local Authority Partners),
    you are still eligible for a Referral Discount Reward, but it would only be applicable to your licence cost.

    Please email DPReferrals@rm.com for any queries on this or for further details.

Full terms and conditions

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