Security and support
  • Paging facility and security alerts
  • Student support lines
  • UK-hosted systems
  • Multiple system failovers
  • Ability to restrict calls
  • Advanced fraud protection

Customer support desk including out-of-hours cover for any service-affecting issues

Systems management
  • Simple admin & user portal
  • Extensive insights reporting suite
  • Centralised reception
  • Unlimited concurrent calls
  • Dedicated phone numbers - Personalised number and login for each staff member (log in to up to 5 devices at once)
  • Porting and transferring numbers
  • Advanced call routing
  • Night mode option
  • Auto attendant feature (interactive voice response - IVR)
  • Set holiday & inset dates in advance
  • MIS integration available: import contacts from database
Call features

Can be managed and customised from the online portal:

  • Directory and speed dial
  • Call logging
  • Call reporting
  • Call recording
  • Call forwarding
  • Call screening/caller display
  • Missed & unreturned call tracking
  • Smart voicemail (voicemail to email)
  • Virtual conference calls
  • Greetings

Free inter-site calls between any RM Voice users

Optional call packages