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We can help plan a future-proofed infrastructure strategy, and execute it in a controlled, affordable and sustainable way.

Your school's servers are at the centre of your IT network and provide the storage, services and resources that support the entire IT network. Historically, limitations on the performance of hardware and problems with manageability meant that multiple servers were needed to support multiple functions, such as curriculum and admin systems. This is no longer the case.

Server virtualisation allows multiple servers to be consolidated onto a single physical piece of hardware. This means you can now benefit from cost savings, improved flexibility and easier migration at the end of your current physical server's life.

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We've developed massively in one year and couldn't have implemented a solution like this without RM Education

Alan Morris - Systems Development Manager, Ceredigion County Council

Why it works for you

Reduce costs

Consolidating servers reduces the costs of hardware maintenance, warranty and utility bills, and saves space.

Improve flexibility

Single server virtualisation provides a cost-effective foundation to support a range of central services and server solutions to support your individual needs.

Easier migration

Virtualised servers are easier to move to new hardware.

100% education focused

Using the latest technology you'll have an extremely well-tested solution, specifically designed with education in mind.

How it Works

Hardware costs notoriously take a significant chunk out of a school's IT budget, with traditional servers needing to be replaced every three to four years. But the real expense has been in maintaining these machines. With single server virtualisation these costs are reduced.

Single server virtualisation helps transform your IT into an agile environment that can better manage the increasing demand for IT services while reducing infrastructure. Your school can find cost savings of over 40% on hardware and maintenance costs.

Your servers are converted into virtual servers and are migrated into a virtual environment hosted on the physical hardware. This allows more than one 'server' to be hosted on a single piece of server hardware thus reducing costs.

To find out more call us free on 0800 046 9798 or email networks@rm.com

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