How it works

With your primary line in place, we provide you with a cost effective secondary line.

If your primary line has a fault, RM network monitoring will automatically detect it and within seconds, switch you over to your back up line.

To ensure both lines are not affected at the same time, the main and back up lines are different in every way… line technologies, connecting into different network equipment and even connected in different locations.

They also take 2 different routes all the way to the RM Education network.

Once there, your service is 100% available as we have 2 networks to all our built in services: filtering, firewalls, Google, Microsoft and the BBC

We will automatically switch back once your main line is live again.

What our customers say

“At Alpha Academies Trust, we have six sites all requiring teaching resources, internet, voice over IP and cloud services. RM Education provide a single network, interconnecting all our sites, allowing our staff and students access anywhere, anytime, safely and securely. It’s critical for our network to be operational and with RM Back up lines supporting all of our sites, we have avoided any down time through uncontrollable outages. For a relatively small price, we have huge value in ensuring operational continuity and complete peace of mind.”

Ann Marie Lucy

Finance Director

Never experience internet downtime again

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