How confident are you in your broadband connection?

We’re connecting
schools across Suffolk from
Ipswich to Lowestoft

Find out why over 20 Suffolk schools like
yours joined RM Broadband in the last year...

Your Internet service is an integral part of the everyday running of your school, it enriches
teaching and learning and it fuels your ICT systems.

Your school community rely on, and have come to expect a broadband connection that
works. So, it’s now more important than ever that you partner with an Internet Service Provider
that you trust, a provider that you can have full confidence in.

*Cue RM Broadband*

RM has been providing educational establishments with Internet connectivity for over
22 years. Year after year we continue to grow as word spreads that poor Internet service
is a thing of the past, in fact since the start of 2016 we’ve had over 900 schools join the
RM Broadband community.

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