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Cloud technologies

The development of cloud technology is enabling changes to the way that technology is used in education. By making the use of cloud technology schools can reduce their costs whilst increasing collaboration, productivity and flexibility. Many of the new platforms from Apple, Google and Microsoft are free for schools to use, what you need as a school is a partner who can make sure these free platforms deliver maximum impact right across your establishment.

RM can help you make the most of those free applications and ensure they are integrated into your existing technologies.

Why it works for you


By utilising free software and online storage you can reduce the costs of on-site storage, software licences and with increased online collaboration you can help to reduce consumable costs such as paper and printing.


Cloud technologies allow pupils and teachers to use resources, set homework and give real time feedback both in and outside of the school.

Teaching and learning

Microsoft Class Dashboard, Google Classroom and iTunes U can significantly transform the way that you use technology in the classroom and beyond the school walls. Real-time editing of documents by multiple people, fantastic content from around the world, seamless deliver of homework. A future with one of these products can be more exciting for students and much easier for teachers.


One of the major fears about the cloud is security of your data, we can advise you how to properly consider these risks and how to minimise them whislt still enjoying the power of cloud technology.


Ensuring your pupils and teachers have seamless access without needing to remember lots of usernames and passwords is essential, we provide the technology that allows that to happen. Students can be automatically signed in to the cloud services that you want them to have simply by logging into a school device or a portal.


Our dedicated support team are highly experienced in implementing, managing and embedding cloud services.

Many, many years of excellent support. A real understanding of the issues facing school networks.

M. Gingell - ICT Communications Chesham Park Community College

Our Products


Regardless of the technology you have in school, RM have experience in setting up device and user policies and can provide you with the confidence that all configuration being made is suitable for education.

RM offer a range of configuration services for your new tenancy regardless of whether you have made the decision to go down the Apple, Google or Microsoft route. We will ensure that your tenancy is configured with settings that are appropriate for an educational establishment, and that your new implemented solution is accessible for all authorised users.

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We understand that the barrier to adopting new technology can be the effort that is involved in moving users and their associated data. We offer a range of migration services and tools to reduce the time and cost of moving users, their files, calendars and email.

We can migrate current email data to both Office 365 Outlook and Gmail. Our email migration services require zero downtime, minimising impact on school day-to-day operations.

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Identity management

Identity management in schools is another common barrier to schools adoption of cloud technologies as the process of adding new users and populating email addresses is so time consuming. The decision to implementing a new cloud based technology can often mean another username and password for students and staff to remember.

RM provides a seamless way to manage user identities in your school with RM Unify. Users can access cloud content via one username and password, on any device, anytime, all linked up via your school network and MIS data.

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Cloud hosting and management

We understand that the hardware to run your school’s IT is expensive, cloud technology has now advanced to a point where you can seriously consider moving your servers into the cloud, saving you money but also increasing flexibility and resilience. RM can help you design, implement and support cloud based servers. Whether you want to move as much to the cloud as possible or simply want to extend your on-site network into the cloud for backup, we can provide you with the knowledge to get there.

RM’s hosted servers are based on Microsoft Azure technology, configured for education. We take the pain away of complicated pricing models to give you peace of mind that you aren’t going to end up with expensive data bills but also ensuring your data is secure.

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Application management

The use of online content and educational applications is constantly increasing in schools. The difficulty is to ensure that all staff and students have access to resources that are relevant to them, when they need them, wherever they are.

RM Unify makes it easier to set up, access and manage cloud content. Staff and students can access all of their online resources and applications via the Launch Pad with just one username and password. Whether you are looking for a way to manage existing applications that are already being used in school or you would like to introduce a number of new applications into the school, RM Unify provides a simple way of managing these applications.

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Cloud storage

Cloud storage is now significantly cheaper than having to purchase, implement and support hardware on the school premises. We can help you decide which is the best solution for you and how you implement it within your school, whether it be making the most of free user storage from Google and Microsoft or implementing a backup strategy in the cloud.

Everything is faster, stability is better, there's less down time and we are less stressed, everybody wins.

Alistair Hetherington - Network Manager, Longbenton Community College

Our Modules

Skills and CPD
Skills and CPD

CPD and training to give your staff the confidence and skills to use IT in their lessons and make the most of technology available.

Infrastructure, hardware and devices

Hardware to manage the flow of data across your network. Devices to help engage and inspire your staff and students to innovate, share and collaborate.

Servers, storage and backup
Servers, storage and backup

Make the most of technological advances to reduce ongoing costs and the efficiency of your IT.


Wireless to ensure fair and reliable access to educational materials, applications and online resources.

Network management, reporting and  security tools
Network management, reporting and security tools

A range of tools to support teaching and learning, extend network access and keep your network and children safe and secure.

Cloud technologies
Cloud technologies

Harness cloud technologies to reduce the amount of hardware you need in your school, save money on ongoing costs whilst increasing accessibility and collaboration.

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