In summary

  • Start with a quick survey as an audit of students' access to ICT - do they have internet access and a suitable device?
    (Laptop, Phone, Tablet)
  • Create a Google Sheet to act as an address book, which is set as READ to all students and EDIT to all staff.
    • Populate the Sheet with a list of all staff names.
    • Place a link to the Sheet either as a tile on RM Unify or a link on a school web site.
    • Individual teachers create a new Google Meet session, get the URL and paste into the Google Sheet adjacent to their name.
    • Students go to the same sheet, click on the link to enter the Google Meet session.
  • The teacher can then use Google Meet to talk to the virtual classroom, and share content on their screen.
  • It is recommended staff ask students to switch their microphones OFF unless they have a question, to avoid background noise.

David joined RM Education as a Senior Educational Consultant after a successful career as a Science and Maths teacher. He is an experienced Google Cloud Solutions Architect, regularly presenting G Suite seminars at Google HQ, and supports Local Authorities and schools with strategic planning and large scale implementations.

David Fitzpatrick

Senior Educational Consultant

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