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We listen and learn and together we solve educational problems using technology

Our solutions are designed to address the key issues, priorities and challenges facing schools in the UK today. It’s why we are fixated on understanding things like your school’s ambitions, goals and needs whenever we’re in conversation with you and your peers.

We asked over 1,000 schools to choose one word to describe education. The results were fascinating.

Crucially, the two words that resonated most were 'change' and 'challenging'.

Changes, such as those to the curriculum, examinations and ICT, featured prominently, alongside challenges on your people’s time, the quality of teaching and learning and managing increasingly strained budgets.

We listen to your problems and will not rest until we help solve them.


Designed for Education

Designed for education – this is a phrase you’ll hear RM people refer to time and again. As we’re 100% focused on supporting UK schools, everything we do is directly mapped to a core education problem that technology can help address.

One thing we have learned over the years is that it’s better to do a smaller number of things exceptionally well, rather than spread our time and energy too thinly over many things. This is why, today, we are focused on six core solutions that you’ve told us can help you most when it comes to achieving your school’s ICT vision.


Supporting you to make the right technology choices

Whether you have a clear preference or are looking for advice on the choice of technology that’s right for your school, we will work with you to connect you to your ICT vision.

We have close working partnerships with Apple, Google and Microsoft, so whether you're looking for advice or help to realise your plans, our independence means we will always do what’s best for you.

What Wow How

When combined, our solutions work beautifully to support your needs

Your school’s ICT needs to be in the hands of a team you trust to provide expertise, simplicity, responsiveness and value for money. You have to trust they will listen and respond to your changing priorities because ICT is now embedded across the curriculum. The right ICT strategy can support the pedagogy of teachers so that technology can improve learning every day, but ineffective ICT can result in a lack of confidence in your teachers and a lack of engagement from your learners.

Today, the fast pace of technological change means that flexibility is vital in any educational environment. What is even more vital is the partnership you have with your ICT service provider. You need someone who can adapt with you and your school, push you to be at the forefront of innovation and provide trusted solutions that just work.

That’s where we come in

We aren’t just an ICT partner, we are a whole-school partner. We understand the impact and potential of ICT in education and offer a wealth of expertise to help you develop an ICT strategy that will empower your teachers to provide outstanding lessons and help improve outcomes for the students in your care.

Tell us what matters to you and we will work with you to make your vision a reality.

lets work together

 At RM Education, we have worked with thousands of UK educational establishments over 40 years to create and develop ICT solutions that support schools with the unique issues that you face on a day-to-day basis. By working with the best ICT suppliers, we bring together all you need to ensure that your ICT helps, rather than hinders, teaching and learning at your school.

Whether you’re a small primary school or a multi-academy trust and whatever your need, issue, desire or vision, get in touch and we’ll work in a true partnership to develop bespoke solutions for you.

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