IFRS 16 - How will the change in accounting standards affect leasing in schools? by Lindsay Screen, edde

What is the purpose of IFRS 16? The implementation of IFRS 16 removes the distinction between ... Read More

Understanding cyber security in the risk protection arrangement (RPA) for schools by John Williams, Product Manager, Managed Services

The education sector faces mounting challenges in ensuring the security of its systems and data. ... Read More

What questions do teachers have about using AI to help them do their job better? by Matthew Kelly, Content Manager

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The three free mechanisms to bolster your school email security by John Williams, Product Manager, Managed Services

Email is a cornerstone of school communication. Yet, lurking among legitimate messages lie ... Read More

The importance of securing your EdTech and online learning platforms by John Williams, Product Manager, Managed Services

The use of remote learning and cloud-based software in schools can bring significant cyber ... Read More

Ransomware threats to your school, and how to combat them by John Williams, Product Manager, Managed Services

Education is one of the sectors targeted most frequently by ransomware. What is it, and how can ... Read More

M365 Education - Storage and Licence Changes in 2024 by Darren Baber

Microsoft are making changes to their M365 portfolio in the coming months, and some of these ... Read More

Protecting students and schools: affordable cyber security steps for education by John Williams, Product Manager, Managed Services

One school IT manager we spoke to recently described their job as managing enterprise-grade IT ... Read More

How VoIP will help schools handle the national PSTN switch-off by Will Digby, Product Manager, Connectivity

If you work in a school, you may have heard that the traditional phone system will be switched ... Read More

Kirkby Woodhouse School used network and broadband upgrades to engage learners more effectively and move to the cloud by Matthew Kelly

Kirkby Woodhouse School is a primary school with approximately 440 pupils in the ... Read More

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