Protecting your school from ransomware attacks by Lisa Snuggs

“Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents you from accessing your systems or the data held on them. Typically, the data is encrypted, but it may also be deleted or ... Read More

RM Unify 4.12 release includes group and user management functionality to help with academic year rollover administration by Sam Ganly

--> In this latest release, we have included some helpful new features that will make managing groups and users much easier now that the end of academic year is ... Read More

Safeguarding and security in a hybrid learning environment by Melanie Thomson

School communities are used to safeguarding in the physical world. They know who their ... Read More

Building Back Better: Making EdTech a part of your vision by Melanie Thomson

As midnight struck at the close of 2019, none of us could have known that within a few short months we’d be closing our schools to all but a few; that we’d all soon be ... Read More

'Never too old to learn' - how a 10-school Trust is embracing the technology made available during the pandemic by Simon Carter

The background Situated in Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorkshire, The Constellation Trust is a ... Read More

Why an early decision to implement Google Workspace across a large single sex girls’ school supported them during the pandemic… by Simon Carter

Why an early decision to implement Google Workspace across a large single sex girls’ school ... Read More

Lockdown has accelerated digital transformation in schools: let’s not go backwards by Melanie Thomson

Let’s be honest. The experience of delivering remote education during the pandemic has not been an ... Read More

How moving to a Cloud-based MIS future-proofed this Primary School by Simon Carter

The background River View Primary School opened in September 2011 for children aged 3 to 11 – and ... Read More

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