Before you buy another school server: Is now the right time for you to migrate to the cloud? by Michael Oakes

There are many benefits to using cloud computing and associated technologies for teaching and learning. But if you’re in the early stages of the journey, or even ... Read More

Why a regional education technology support company relies on partnerships to support schools in their drive to the cloud by Simon Carter

The background Interm IT is a family-run education-only technology support company, with ... Read More

Taking tech to the next level – small changes that add up to a big impact for teachers and learners by Michael Oakes

Over the past decades, technology has become ubiquitous in every area of our lives, and education is no exception. Management Information Systems, interactive whiteboards, ... Read More

How RM makes switching to a new MIS simple and secure by Helen Wroe, Customer Success Manager, School Management Solutions

If you’re already set on changing to a new cloud-based MIS system for your school, one of the key factors in deciding which MIS to choose will probably be the ... Read More

RM Unify releases V4.18 with update to MIS username format by Sam Ganly

We have now released V4.18 to live, which contains an improvement to the MIS username formatting option in RM Unify. We will now be adding the option to include ... Read More

Making statutory returns easier with RM Integris by Angela Wood, Product Manager Technology

Statutory returns can cause extra stress in an already busy school day. Your office staff are already dealing with parents at the desk (Perspex screen nowadays), a ... Read More

RM Integris - the MIS that supports your assessment goals by Kim Marczak, Director, helloData Ltd

Maintaining accurate and meaningful records of every pupil’s attainment is one of the most important elements of driving school improvement. There are several ... Read More

Using your MIS to increase parental engagement by Alex Boweren, Product Manager, Technology

Parental Engagement Via Involvement Effective parental engagement is never far from a school leader’s mind. The pandemic has brought it into even sharper focus. ... Read More

How does a server support IT at school? by Michael Oakes

Fundamentally a server is just a powerful computer that historically has run at the heart of the network, ‘serving’ the network. A server stores, sends, receives and ... Read More

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