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Authoring your assessment

With more than 35 digital item types available, RM’s end-to-end assessment platform lets you go far beyond replicating paper tests – to assess candidates’ skills in a relevant and realistic way.


From video animations to fully functional spreadsheets, our platform provides opportunity to give your candidates a familiar, authentic assessment that reflects the realities of the task at hand.

You can set questions using any combination of stimuli: text, web pages, PDF files, video, or audio. By assessing practical work examples, interview recordings and image portfolios, you can gain an accurate and holistic view of the candidate’s true abilities.

Key facts

  • The user interface requires no technical knowledge to operate; it can be used with ease to build simple or complex tests.
  • Create adaptive, looped, and/or branching tests – tailoring the assessment to the candidate based on their responses.
  • Fully customisable workflow to enable the item and test authoring process to reflect your own working practices.
  • 25+ different widgets including progress bars, hot spots, calculators, and formulae, alongside a fully searchable library of resources and other reusable components.
  • Tailor the design and timing of your test to each candidate, without drawing attention to their individual needs, and provide customisable accessibility options.
  • Translate your existing items, titles, and other stimuli components into the preferred script direction and language (all character sets are supported e.g., Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese etc)
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Delivering your assessment

Once you’ve created your assessment, you need to deliver it in a way that’s robust and reliable. RM’s assessment platform is always available - designed from the ground up to work whenever your users need it. It can support tens of thousands of users at once, with a system architecture that uses multiple clustered databases to give absolute data integrity for all.

The best way to deliver your assessment will depend on your accessibility and security needs, as well as internet connectivity and bandwidth. After 15 years of delivering digital assessments around the world, we’re able to say that RM’s assessment platform works almost everywhere. It lets you mix and match different delivery methods, to suit your own needs:

Secure web-based
Encrypted USB
memory stick

This gives you flexibility to deliver your assessment in tightly controlled conditions, with or without online access, or where you have limited control over the candidate’s device.

“Students are enthusiastic supporters of digital assessment; they tell us it reflects the way they are learning and living, with technology at their fingertips.”
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Andrea Gray, Deputy Chief Executive, NZQA


Test security

RM’s assessment platform uses multiple technologies – and interfaces with leading online proctoring solutions – to ensure every candidate takes their assessment fairly. Each section can be password protected, giving invigilators the ability to prevent access at the wrong time.

Remote proctoring can take many different forms, but some examples of the types of solutions we can provide include:

Automated proctoring

Automate the entire online exam, assessment, or certification process with our AI-powered proctoring solution. It offers multiple layers of authentication and fraud detection to protect the integrity of exams and test takers.

Record and review proctoring

A scalable option where the candidate is recorded throughout the exam so that the recording can be reviewed afterwards along with any flags raised by the automated proctoring.

Live remote proctoring

A supervisor supplements the automated monitoring, by observing the candidate in real time via a screen share and video link to authenticate the candidate's identity, monitoring them for the duration of the exam and intervening if necessary.

Secure Browser

Ensure the integrity of exams, tests, and certifications by preventing unauthorised access to the test browser. With Secure Browser, we can create a secure test environment that controls which functionality test takers can access, such as screen recording, app switching, website browsing, and more.

Exam Malpractice

More and more exams are now taken online which means that some traditional security measures are no longer as effective. The same technology that allows us to work, communicate and learn remotely also poses new challenges to your exam security - challenges that we can help you address.

Using data science and natural language processing techniques, we have developed a solution to identify one of the most prominent and fastest growing forms of exam malpractice - collusion.

We’re still in the early stages of development but we’re already able to identify cases of suspected collusion even when candidates use methods that would evade most current detection methods.

If you’d like to know whether your exam security is protecting you against collusion, sign up for our free health check and find out!

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