Assessment case studies

Get to know RM as a partner. Explore how we drive real change with our customers in their journey to digital assessment and in achieving their unique assessment ambitions with us by their side.

Exam Boards
How the ISEB used adaptive comparative judgement to assess a new interdisciplinary qualification

To address the challenge of standardising diverse items in their new qualification, the ISEB and Assessment from RM explored the use of adaptive comparative judgement as a way to reliably use teacher assessment and encourage independent learning. Read more

Professional Qualifications
How Voice 21 used adaptive comparative judgement to reliably assess oracy at scale

To combat the challenge of assessing oracy, Assessment from RM partnered with the UK’s oracy education charity Voice 21, to explore the use of adaptive comparative judgement as a holistic and reliable way to assess oracy. Read more

Professional Qualifications
How Amplify Trading used adaptive comparative judgement to enable finance candidates to be assessed through real-world simulation

To produce an authentic, innovative talent identification solution, Amplify Trading partnered with Assessment from RM to use adaptive comparative judgement in a peer assessment format to assess candidates’ ability to present complex conclusions in actionable ways. Read more

General Qualifications
How a province in Canada successfully moved from paper to digital in high-stakes assessment

Learn how New Brunswick transitioned their English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA) from a paper format to a digital delivery in a limited timeframe without compromising integrity, and whilst managing political and public scrutiny. Read more

General Qualifications
How NZQA moved their national exams online and created a platform for innovation in assessment

To reflect the digital world that students live and learn in, NZQA embarked on a ‘digital assessment transformation journey’ to modernise the NCEA exams, creating a platform for innovation in assessment over time. Read more

General Qualifications
Gauteng Department of Education successfully launch on-screen marking of live exams in South Africa

Find out how Gauteng Department of Education introduced e-marking in the Gauteng province, paving the way for this technology to be adopted more widely in South Africa. Read more

Professional Qualifications
ICAN implements e-marking in six months and makes the first step to digital assessment

Find out how RM helped the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) set up a flexible e-marking system that could be easily scaled up to suit their plans for continuous improvement and ongoing transition to full digital assessment. Read more

Professional Qualifications
How ACCA doubled their total exam capacity with e-marking

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) partnered with RM to modernise their exam process and reduce the timeframe for each exam session, enabling them to increase from two to four exam sessions per year. Read more

General Qualifications
Improving quality; How Cambridge Assessment and RM brought onscreen marking to life

Cambridge Assessment is an international not-for-profit organisation that operates and manages the University’s three exam boards and carries out leading-edge academic and operational research on assessment in education. Read more

General Qualifications
Behind the scenes of the School Performance Tables: 27 million exam results checked

The School Performance Tables are compiled by the Department for Education each year. The RM team works behind the scenes to produce them, handling vast volumes of highly sensitive data to ensure that they are accurate and delivered on time. Read more

Professional Qualifications
Meeting the needs of the modern candidate

Working in partnership with RM, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) successfully moved to an assessment solution that better reflects the working conditions for professional accountants, without losing the integrity of their exams. Read more

General Qualifications
Is it possible to implement e-marking for high-stakes exams in one year?

Download this case study to find out how Slovenia’s central exam board, RIC, has successfully implemented e-marking for their national exams in one year. Read more

How Purdue University improved student attainment using RM CompareTM for Peer to Peer assessment

Enabling students to engage in a collaborative peer to peer assessment experience as part of their learning process. Read more

How 14 Oxfordshire schools transformed formative assessment with RM CompareTM

Oxfordshire schools successfully pioneer a new method of collaborative assessment and moderation. Read more

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