Broadband for schools

Our continual infrastructure investment means fast, reliable, competitive broadband connections for your schools, with built-in safeguarding features.

Benefit from the latest technology for automatic backup connections and reduced power consumption.

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Digital engagement

Keeping pupils engaged in the classroom with your online resources

Learning resources

Anywhere, anytime. Minimum 99.999% availability

Safe and

Filtering included with RM SafetyNet

You’re always in control

Self service firewall
and DNS


24x7 proactive



Connectivity offers to help your budgets go further in the new academic year
Connectivity offers to help your budgets go further in the new academic year
A reliable connection

Our broadband is designed to be delivered safely, reliably and transparently, with little intervention from the school or trust, and provides a minimum of 99.999% availability.

Our network is continuously monitored for service quality, usage and performance, with over 10,000 proactive checks carried out every minute.

You'll have access to our network status page, listing all incidents and proactive maintenance - with optional email and SMS notifications.

Secure online management

Our simple self-service portal allows configuration of filtering rules, inbound and outbound firewall rules, and DNS records.

You can harness dynamic reporting on your school or trust's web browsing activity and bandwidth usage at any time.

Full-fibre broadband

Ultrafast broadband, otherwise known as FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) or full-fibre broadband is an end-to-end fibre cable service to your school. This increase in speed and reliability allows your school to meet the demand of using more devices at once, even at the busiest times. Teachers, students and administration staff can make greater use of cloud services without frustration or delay, easily accessing online resources when needed.

Leased lines

Leased line broadband goes a step further than standard full fibre by ensuring a dedicated service to your school.
Whereas other connection types may share bandwidth between local users, and so mean you may see reduced bandwidth in peak periods, leased lines offer their guaranteed bandwidth at all times.

Available from 1Gbps right up to 10Gbps, larger schools in particular will see an immediate benefits - whilst symmetric download and upload speed also means tasks like VoIP telephony, video calling, offsite backup and other data-intensive processed won't be restricted by a reduced upload capability.

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Additional options
  • Remote VPN access
  • DNS and web hosting
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Inline antivirus and anti-malware
Optional back-up line

With your primary line in place, we can provide you with a cost-effective secondary line.

If your primary line has a fault, RM network monitoring will automatically detect it and switch you over to your back-up line within seconds.

To ensure both lines are not affected at the same time, the main and back-up lines are discrete connections, using different line technologies.

“Schools are becoming more and more reliant on cloud services. The only way you can make this journey is with a broadband connection you can rely on. RM offers competitive prices and reliability for the backbone of a modern school”.

Julian Scotcher, Colne Community School and College

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