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The e-marking platform that works the way you do

When you work with RM, you don’t just get a world-class e-marking system, you get a strategic partner with the experience to make your digital journey a success.


For more than 15 years, we’ve helped international exam boards and professional bodies to harness technology allowing them to modernise their marking processes and elevate the marking experience for their examiners. We’ll put that experience at your disposal – working alongside you to understand your organisation, your goals, and providing as much support as you need.

E-marking helps leading organisations to make high-stakes assessment marking more efficient, rigorous, and secure. Better still, it enables them to mark any kind of assessment in a consistent, quality-controlled way: whether that be a scanned, handwritten script or an on-screen digital exam; a fully functional spreadsheet or videos and photos of practical work.

That gives you the flexibility to assess your candidates in a realistic and relevant way, enhanced by evidence from live, real - world practice.

Key facts

Quality assurance

Familiarisation modes and real-time support for examiners, as well as quality checks throughout the marking session, ensures ongoing quality of marking.

Improve efficiency

Assessment responses are available for marking as soon as they are uploaded, with the potential to speed-up the overall assessment cycle and issue results faster.

Mark Anything, AnywhereTM

Scanned scripts, online exams, audio-visual, and even coursework can be uploaded for e-marking and moderation at a time and place that suits the examiner.

Keep marking on target

Track progress of marking to examiner and component level, helping to ensure precision of marking and that any problems can be easily identified and resolved.

Enhance security

E-marking reduces the risks associated with transporting paper exam scripts between multiple places for pen-and-paper marking and moderation.

Integrate your assessment systems

Integrate marking with your management, scanning, and indexing systems to give your administrators and managers visibility throughout the marking session.

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Out of the box or fully customised

Our solution works straight from the box, as a fully functional standalone e-marking platform. Alternatively, the system is customisable depending on your business processes. For example, you can:

  • Use the built-in interface tool to pass data to your other management systems
  • Connect to your own scanning provider, or choose our scanning service
  • Configure which answers are allocated to which examiners, and how
  • Implement your choice of quality control methods and seeding
  • Localise the platform with your preferred language
  • Design reports in our data manager, or integrate with a web BI service

Many users combine the two approaches – starting with the basic system configuration, then adapting the settings gradually over time. Whichever approach you choose, we’re here to help.

“RM Assessor is the best possible way of dealing with examiners without actually meeting them face to face. It’s very much easier than any marking system I've used before.”
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Gareth Rees, Prinicipal Examiner, International Baccalaurate Accountants of Nigeria


Flexible, user-friendly marking

RM’s assessment platform gives you the flexibility to offer examiners a sleek, efficient experience via a web browser, so they can connect from anywhere with an internet connection. This gives the freedom to work remotely and manage their own workloads.

It also means they can use the system on their preferred device. It is compatible with a range of devices: iPads, Android tablets, laptops, desktop PCs and Macs, and the single sign-on integration means they can use the same login credentials as your other internal systems and platforms.


They can mark all kinds of submissions with ease and seek assistance and clarification in real-time. Smart workflows help them get the work done more efficiently, while auto-marking of basic questions can focus their expertise where it’s needed most. Meanwhile, you can intervene in real- time on a quality issue or analyse longer-term trends to gain incremental improvements. Crucially, you only need to use the level of complexity that’s right for you.

Control measures are quick and easy to implement across your team, including:

  • Blind peer review
  • Randomised double-marking
  • Back marking
  • Seeded control scripts

Whether you’re marking digital assessments or want to moderate other examiner work, our tools can help you ensure that your candidates get the results that they deserve.

Already, examiners worldwide use our platform to mark a huge range of assessment formats:

  • Scanned paper-based exam scripts
  • Long-form essay responses
  • Responses from digital assessments
  • Multiple-choice tests
  • Audio interviews and language tests
  • Videos demonstrating practical skills
  • Photographs of real-world projects
  • Spreadsheets
  • Coding and animations
“We are continuously seeking ways to ensure our students’ results are of the highest standard. Our partnership with RM has helped us revolutionise the way we mark our examinations, further cementing the integrity and transparency of our marking process.”
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Dr. Innocent Okwuosa, Chairman Professional Examination, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria


Adaptive Comparative Judgement

An altogether different approach to marking at scale, is comparative judgement. This is where items, such as assessment answers, are repeatedly compared with each other to achieve a rank order. Adaptive comparative judgement uses an algorithm to make this process more efficient and reliable, and that is where we can help.

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