Our Story

We started in 1973 as a pioneer of education technology in Oxford, England.

From humble beginnings, we have become the partner of choice for thousands of schools across the UK and beyond. But our core vision is still to enrich the lives of learners worldwide with technology solutions throughout their learning journey


We aim to keep things simple with all of our products and services, from technology for schools to digital assessment solutions.

We help make technology work better for thousands of schools across the UK, delivering a rich array of IT support services, cloud technologies and software solutions to help look after the school’s infrastructure, so teaching staff don't have to spend time on this.

We are also the UK’s only dedicated educational ISP and number one supplier of super-fast, robust and safe internet connections to schools and trusts.

Since developing its onscreen marking capability in 2005 and then acquiring its end-to-end digital assessment platform in 2019, RM has gone on to provide its proven digital assessment technology and expertise to over 40 organisations in more than 150 countries around the world to enhance efficiency, security, and authenticity. We believe that innovation in assessment can transform educational outcomes.


Our team includes practitioners from education and educationalists, all with the same focus: helping make technology work for you – to save you time, money, and improve educational opportunities and enrich the lives of learners worldwide. Get in touch today to find out how RM can help your school, trust or assessment body.

Get in touch today to find out how RM can help you.

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