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What is RM StudyKIT?

Our 1:1 solution for schools and trusts enables every student to have their own device to use in school and at home.

Access to technology has been said to have a 'transformational effect' in the depth and breadth of learning by some schools; with a 1:1 device programme also helping to level the field where some students have good access to technology from home and others do not.

Device per student + protective case + warranty + insurance

Offering peace of mind for your school and parents, RM StudyKIT provides a great-value, classroom-tested device with case, warranty and accidental damage/fire/theft insurance.​ We can offer Chromebook, iPadOS and Windows options to match various budgets and performance requirements.

One financing option is for parents cover the cost with regular contributions, saving your IT budget to use on infrastructure or elsewhere. The school could choose to ask for parental contributions to cover the whole monthly cost, or a percentage of it – allowing flexibility to subsidise some or all of the cost for those receiving Pupil Premium and other specific requirements, or more widely across your school community. You will also choose whether you will return the devices at the end of the agreement, or for just a few extra pounds a month to keep them and transfer ownership to individuals.

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Why should my school participate?

Many schools are considering a 1:1 devices programme within their digital strategy. A device for every student makes learning accessible at all times, and can improve outcomes whilst reducing reliance on paper-based materials. One route to achieving 1:1 is for students to use their own devices from home, but there can be significant drawbacks in managing a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scheme.

Instead, by offering students a uniform device through a parental contribution scheme, device management is greatly simplified and meeting your safeguarding and security requirements is straightforward.

As all students receive the same specification, staff training and lesson preparation is made easier, and more time can be spent on teaching and learning rather than managing the technology. No one can be at advantage or disadvantage due to their individual device, also preventing competition between students over who has the superior technology.

What are the benefits for schools?

  • Achieve more by reinvesting funds into additional technology priorities

  • Flexibility to tailor the scheme for your school's needs upfront; but parental contributions are then fully managed through a bespoke portal once

  • One standard device, offers uniformity and efficiencies for pupils and staff - at a great price for parents

  • Schools offer their cohort a device that offers quality technology to power learning

  • With fewer paper-based exercise books required your school operates in a more sustainable way


Cost savings


Improved outcomes


What are the benefits for parents?

  • From £9.99 per month parents/carers invest in their child’s education and future

  • Great value devices including case, 3-year warranty and insurance; parents can save well over £250 on similar device packages

  • One device for learning inside and outside of the classroom

  • Parents support their child’s academic and IT development

  • Parents support the school in its drive to reduce its use of paper-based exercise books

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