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How RM’s commitments to the environment fit schools’ sustainable procurement goals by Di Booth, Environmental Project Lead

Individual schools or multi-academy trusts are acting to make their operations more ... Read More

DfE standards for network cabling explained by Luke Hately-Broad, Development Engineer

If network switches are the unsung heroes of an IT network, cabling is their mostly invisible ... Read More

Analytics in RM Integris by Angela Wood, Product Manager Technology

During the summer break we have been working to replace RM Intelligence with a brand-new data ... Read More

DfE standards for school wifi explained by Luke Hately-Broad, Development Engineer

Connected technology in schools has moved out of a dedicated IT suite and into every corner of ... Read More

DfE standards for school broadband explained by Will Digby, Product Manager

Just like domestic connections, the speed of broadband available to schools varies widely across ... Read More

Sustainable options in school procurement – beyond single-use plastics by Puneet Bola-Moore, Bid Manager

In 2018, Greta Thunberg delivered a speech at the UN, urging the world to make positive climate ... Read More

The latest RM Integris product developments and upgrades by Louise Carr­, Product Specialist, Technology

The latest developments in the school management information system (MIS) market have led many ... Read More

How RM makes switching to a new MIS simple and secure by Helen Wroe, Customer Success Manager, School Management Solutions

If you’re already set on changing to a new cloud-based MIS system for your school, one of the key factors in deciding which MIS to choose will probably be the ... Read More

RM Integris - the MIS that supports your assessment goals by Kim Marczak, Director, helloData Ltd

Maintaining accurate and meaningful records of every pupil’s attainment is one of the most important elements of driving school improvement. There are several ... Read More

Using your MIS to increase parental engagement by Alex Boweren, Product Manager, Technology

Parental Engagement Via Involvement Effective parental engagement is never far from a school leader’s mind. The pandemic has brought it into even sharper focus. ... Read More

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