Safety and security

A surprising number of PCs can't be upgraded to Windows 11 by RM

This year could be your last opportunity to upgrade to Windows 11 compatible desktops or laptops, ... Read More

How schools can comply with Martyn's Law and protect pupils and staff by Amos Arowolo, Product Manager

The Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Draft Bill is expected to be put before Parliament in the ... Read More

Understanding cyber security in the risk protection arrangement (RPA) for schools by John Williams, Product Manager, Managed Services

The education sector faces mounting challenges in ensuring the security of its systems and data. ... Read More

The three free mechanisms to bolster your school email security by John Williams, Product Manager, Managed Services

Email is a cornerstone of school communication. Yet, lurking among legitimate messages lie ... Read More

The importance of securing your EdTech and online learning platforms by John Williams, Product Manager, Managed Services

The use of remote learning and cloud-based software in schools can bring significant cyber ... Read More

Ransomware threats to your school, and how to combat them by John Williams, Product Manager, Managed Services

Education is one of the sectors targeted most frequently by ransomware. What is it, and how can ... Read More

Protecting students and schools: affordable cyber security steps for education by John Williams, Product Manager, Managed Services

One school IT manager we spoke to recently described their job as managing enterprise-grade IT ... Read More

How should school and trust leaders respond to the new DfE filtering and monitoring standards? by Tasha Gibson, Product Manager RM SafetyNet

The Department for Education (DfE)’s new standards for digital filtering and monitoring will ... Read More

Do I need to backup my school's data that's in the cloud? Yes you do. by Matthew Kelly

Commercial organisations often describe their data as their most valuable asset. This commercial ... Read More

How digital monitoring software can alert you to a student's mental health by Tasha Gibson, Online Safety Product Manager

Divorce is one of the most significant impacts on the mental health of children and young people. ... Read More

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