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Why the PSTN switch-off delay shouldn't distract you from the task ahead by Will Digby, Product Manager, Connectivity

For some time, we have been preparing for a major transformation in telephone and broadband ... Read More

How VoIP will help schools handle the national PSTN switch-off by Will Digby, Product Manager, Connectivity

If you work in a school, you may have heard that the traditional phone system will be switched ... Read More

Hold that penetration test. Save time and money by doing these six things first. by Nelson Ody, Product Manager Cyber Security

A penetration (often shortened to ‘pen’) test is an assessment designed to find weaknesses and ... Read More

What IT managers need to know about RM’s school broadband service by Will Digby, Product Manager, Connectivity

RM only works with the education sector. We know the importance of a stable, reliable, ... Read More

DfE standards for school network switches explained by Luke Hately-Broad, Development Engineer

Network switches are possibly the unsung heroes of IT networking. They perform an apparently ... Read More

Windows 10 Delivery Optimization by Alan Toogood

Update management is an increasingly important topic in modern technology. ‘Cloud cadence’ and ‘as a Service’ approaches mean that there is almost constant change. Change ... Read More

Project Honolulu by Alan Toogood

Honolulu. The iconic city on the island of O’ahu, capital of Hawaii and famous haunt of Hawaii Five-O. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a travel blog, but it ... Read More

Windows 10 v1709 and SMBv1 – The End is Nigh! by Alan Toogood

Okay, so ‘The End Is Nigh’ may be a little strong when referring to SMB, but one of the lesser-known changes that comes with the latest release of Windows 10 is an ... Read More

Azure File Sync by Alan Toogood

Having discussed in my last blog some of the reasons why data ends up where it does, this time we’ll have a look at a new Azure feature from Microsoft that will help users ... Read More

Data Storage – Transitioning to the Cloud by Alan Toogood

Or why users put data where they do. I’m going to start this time with a caveat: what follows is a discussion piece about an emotive and complex area, with a lot of ... Read More

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