Safety and security

RM Unify and Data Retention by Clare Coombs

Under principle 5 of the Data Protection Act, schools need to ensure that cloud service providers "retain personal data no longer than is necessary for the purpose they ... Read More

RM Unify and Information Security by Clare Coombs

RM Unify achieves ISO 27001 Information Security recertification RM Unify has been certified to ISO 27001:21013 for Information Security since 2014 and we are delighted ... Read More

RM Education's advice following the Petya ransomware outbreak by Clare Coombs

As has been reported on many news organisations, Petya, a dangerous ransomware variant has been released that impacts Windows client and server operating systems by ... Read More

What is Ransomware and how do you protect yourself against it? by Clare Coombs

What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents or limits users from accessing their system or data. This type of malware forces its victims to pay the ... Read More

RM Education’s advice following 12 May ransomware outbreak by Clare Coombs

Many organisations worldwide have been affected by ransomware attacks in the past few days. The ransomware exploits a recently discovered vulnerability in the SMB protocol ... Read More

We don’t GO online, we LIVE online! by Louise Jones

The World Wide Web as we know it is now a little more than a quarter of century old, you could say it’s wiser and more mature than it’s 25 years on the planet! We really do ... Read More

Have you got your online safety and security covered? by Imogen Naylor-Higgs

The prevalence of new technologies in schools is creating a generation of engaged and inspired pupils, learning in ways they’re most comfortable with. Cheap and durable ... Read More

A collaborative approach to peer-to-peer mentoring by Kat Howard

Welcome back to final instalment of our peer-to-peer blog series! So far we’ve looked at the role of peer-to-peer mentoring in online safeguarding, how to build a safe and ... Read More

Creating better safeguarding engagement through peer-to-peer mentoring by Kat Howard

In our last two blogs, we’ve looked at the role of peer-to-peer mentoring in online safeguarding and how you can build a safe and successful mentoring programme. This week, ... Read More

Building a safe and successful mentoring programme by Kat Howard, Online Safety Lead at RM Education

Welcome back to the second in our series of blogs where we will continue to look at the rise of peer-to-peer mentoring in online safeguarding. Primary and secondary schools ... Read More

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