RM Unify user provisioning for Google tenancies is changing, and so requires a Google super admin in each tenancy to accept a new Google OAuth App. This new App will work in exactly the same way as the existing RM Unify apps and will request access to the same scopes – access which was previously granted at the point of federation.

If you have an RM Unify establishment federated to Google, and have granted admin access to RM Support via the RM Google Reseller console, then RM are able to accept this new App on your behalf.

All we need is for an RM Unify super admin in your school to email cloudsupport@rm.com to give your authorisation for RM to:

  1. create a new super admin in your Google tenancy named rmunifyprovisioningaccount@yourdomain (or if this account already exists, to reset the password)
  2. accept the OAuth App on your behalf

In the authorisation email please could you also just confirm the school for which you are granting authorisation. If you would prefer to talk to us about this first, please call RM Unify Support on 08450 700 300.

Many thanks,
RM Unify Support

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